November 2017

Libra Just Made It Easier For Exchanges To Remain Tax Compliant

As Bitcoin breaches fresh all-time highs, compliance with the tax authorities becomes a confusing, yet key, priority for anyone booking profits. 

The Tax Man Cometh

With Bitcoin having broken the $10,000-mark yesterday and currently sitting just shy of that level as of the start of play on Thursday, many holders will be considering cashing out some of their portfolios and converting it to fiat so as to book profits on their longer-term coins.

Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin Volatility Means Hands-Off ‘Today’ And ‘For Lifetime’

“Not today” and “not in our lifetime” are two ‘deadlines’ for Goldman Sachs to deal with Bitcoin, according to CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Michael Bloomberg.

Blankfein: Volatility Killed The Cat

Speaking in a joint interview on Bloomberg’s TV network, the two veteran economic voices said that in view of Bitcoin’s continued volatility, the virtual currency first needs to calm down.