ETH Price Analysis [WoW]: Ethereum Price Trading at key Pivot, Oscillators Indicate Strong Momentum Despite Overbought Conditions

ethereum Weekly Price analysis
  • ETH price breaking key weekly resistances and confirming them as support.
  • Breach of ETH price discovery is to be backed with increasing volume.
  • Oscillators suggesting strong momentum still present despite overbought conditions.

ETH price is currently trading at a true pivot where a bullish weekly candle close will greatly increase the probability of breaking into price discovery. Price action has been making consecutive higher highs and higher lows since it’s March 2020 Bearish Expansion. The projection remains bullish until proven as this is a strong weekly uptrend.

ETH Price Analysis: Weekly Chart 

ETH price Analysis weekly ETH price Analysis weekly

Preluding to the chart above, a strong uptrend is evident with continuous acceleration leading to a potential parabola. The 21 MA has provided a reliable Dynamic Support that has led to a strong Bullish Volatility Expansion from the lows. 

Key Weekly S/R levels have been breached with conviction; price action has confirmed S/R Flip retests along the way with further Bullish Volatility Expansions. ETH price trading in such a volatile range is deemed to have strong swings thus evidently, the volume profile has been increasing. 

Volume influxes are a key indication of a strong uptrend as bullish volume follow through is what drives price action. As evident on the chart, there has been a Volume Climax Node. Bearish volume is still below average as the current weekly candle trades open. For further follow through, an influx in volume is required to break the All-Time High with persuasion. 

The current shape of the weekly candle is of a Bullish Hammer; however, this is not confirmed until an official close. There has been a strong buy-back from the S/R Flip Retest which is indicative of strength. The next weekly candle open will be deemed telling of the overall direction of the trend. 

Now holistically assessing the oscillators, momentum is still intact with the bulls, epically how the stochastics have been behaving.  

ETH Price Analysis: Weekly Stochastic oscillator

 Stochastic oscillatorETH price Analysis weekly: Stochastic oscillator

As evident, each and every bull cross has led to a substantial Bullish Volatility Expansion in price action. The stochastic helps to monitor momentum in the prevailing trend. It can remain trading in overbought regions for an extended period of time, epically in a strong up trend. Ethereum has an immediate Bull Cross coming to fruition, this will be confirmed on the next weekly candle close. Holding true will store momentum for the break of the All-Time-High. 

ETH Price Analysis: Weekly Relative Strength Index [RSI]

 RSIETH price Analysis weekly: RSI

Furthermore, observing another key oscillator is the RSI that is responsible for measuring the speed and velocity of price action. Preluding to the image above, Ethereum’s RSI is considered to be in overbought regions however back testing swing high. This is considered to be very bullish if respected, breaking down will mean a reversion in price action. As long as the RSI and Stochastics maintain their respective bullish control zones, ETH price will remain very bullish as it comes close to price discovery, 

What to Expect for Weekly ETH Price ?

In conclusion, Ethereum price remains quite strong as it is approaching its All-Time High. Price action has been maintaining consecutive higher highs and higher lows. This next weekly candle close will be highly indicative of the overall direction. Both key oscillators are suggesting that the momentum is stored with the bulls. A true break is likely to be backed with increasing volume as price action enters price discovery. 

Hope this article helps in the preparation for the next volatility expansion in Ethereum. Follow us at tradingview for more in detail crypto price analysis. 

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01/16/2021 - 13:22

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