Quant (QNT) token is being adopted by firms, banks, and governments

Quant Coin

Mass adoption has been a long-term goal of the crypto industry ever since Bitcoin trading began, some 12 years ago. However, it would appear that another cryptocurrency managed to get ahead of BTC when it comes to being adopted by firms, banks, and governments — Quant (QNT).

Quant becomes the world’s most adopted coin

Quant has recently attracted quite a bit of attention after announcing on its Twitter that it has already integrated with a number of central banks, enterprises, and even governments. The project noted that even Europe’s leading payment provider, SIA, also adopted the coin. As a result, the token is now connected to hundreds of banks on the continent.

The project’s team has also been interacting with a number of central banks that were open to integrating QNT into their systems. There are numerous benefits that are followed by Quant integration, such as the ability for businesses to create scalable networks, and even networks of networks.

This is possible due to the fact that the Quant network is highly interoperable, and compatible with many other networks. Not to mention that it provides a very scalable any-to-any interoperability. This means that it can integrate with any legacy system or blockchain out there.

The project also makes it a lot easier to create multi-chain dApps, and have them introduced to various blockchains.

Quant is extremely well-connected

As mentioned, Quant was also accepted by SIA, which functions as the backbone of the entire European financial market. By adding support for the coin, SIA will connect it to nearly 600 banks, including central banks.

Not to mention the fact that SIA is one of only two providers for the Eurosystem Single Market Infrastructure Gateway, with SWIFT being the other one.

On top of that, Quant is now also a guarantor of Pay.UK — the UK’s largest payment network. It is also a supplier for the UK government’s Crown Commercial Services, and it is one of the founders of the INATBA, the European Commission’s International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications, among other things. In other words, the project is now extremely well connected, as well as adopted and approved by entire governments and their central banks, and it still seeks to enter new partnerships and collaborations down the road.

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01/26/2021 - 16:01

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