Germany plans vaccination project using IOTA (MIOTA)

IOTA broke a strong resistance, but has yet to turn it into a support

The German government is reviewing a digital proof of COVID-19 vaccination using Ubirch’s Ethereum-based technology and IOTA’s platform.

The project will begin this week and it will enable people already vaccinated against the zootomic virus to verify their identity. The system will be tested on IOTA as well as other blockchains as part of strategic control against the spread of the virus.

UBIRCH will be supplementing physical issuance by issuing digital certificates. Blockchain technology will also be used to store the digital certificates.

The German district of Altötting announced this process last month, as it begins in a few days. The process could also be adapted for other countries in Europe when it is certified successful in Germany.

The technology will help to curtail the spread of the Virus

Once the process begins, operators of gyms or restaurants will be allowed to grant access to only those people who have been vaccinated. They will be required to show either their physical or digital certificate to access these services.

Both the Federal Ministry of the interior and the Federal Ministry of Health are in collaboration to make the process work.

At the start of the program, those vaccinated will be given a printed code initially. They can save the code on their mobile phones, which will ensure a more convenient proof of vaccination. The report reveals that it will be easier for those vaccinated to access their mobile codes as proof of vaccination since there will be no need to carry a physical certificate around. UBIRCH also hopes o provide communal data centers for more convenience.

The security of the digital certificates will be guaranteed, as the program will leverage the anonymity and default encryption of the leading blockchain networks.

The German government is serious about rolling out the vaccination to as many of its citizens as possible within the shortest timeframe. It is spearheading the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic that may lead to another extended lockdown if the spread is not curtailed.

The health authorities have also warned that the virus is now spreading as a new wave of continuous mutation. However, the introduction of blockchain-based technology to tackle the spread of the virus has been hailed as a welcome development.

Other countries are also championing various activities to ensure the virus does not cause a major shake in the world order like it did last year.

IOTA’s network is the proffered platform

According to health authorities, the highly contagious virus continues to mutate. The integration of technology comes in handy to properly arrest its spread, especially for countries that have posted early success like Israel.

URBIRCH didn’t mention the type of blockchain technology that will be employed in addition to IOTA’s platform. But it may likely use distributed ledger technology as well.

Chief technology officer of BUBIRCG Mathias Jugel stated that the company had considered both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) networks.

But their scalability challenges and high transaction fees mean they will not be the most feasible option for the project. However, the project’s trial saw enough success with IOTA’s network as well as Ethereum Classic (ETC).

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02/23/2021 - 15:29

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