IOTA (MIOTA) Foundation becomes an official member of the CHAISE consortium

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The IOTA Foundation just joined the CHAISE consortium, which consists of some of the biggest and most influential groups and organizations in the European blockchain and technology sector. As of now, the Foundation will be working shoulder to shoulder with the likes of the European Digital SME Alliance, Fujitsu, INATBA, and others.

What does CHAISE aim to do?

According to what is known, CHAISE is going to offer a number of blockchain innovation and skills development as part of a four-year grant, with the support of EU’s Erasmus+ Programme. The project represents the next step on the EU’s road to becoming a major blockchain hub.

While Europe is well-positioned to become the global leader in the blockchain sector, it suffers from a major lack of digital skills, training, and education necessary to achieve its goals. This project will remove that obstacle, and allow the EU to take the lead in worldwide blockchain development.

The demand for blockchain skills is on a sharp rise, and the lack of skilled professionals in the space is becoming more and more noticeable. CHAISE’s goal is to offer an open, inclusive blockchain skills governance system that will address the mismatch of demand and skill.

The world goes blockchain

CHAISE is a very specific project, as stated by the European Commission’s EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Exclusive Agency) member, Pavol Krempasky. The consortium will reflect the current paradigm shift that was caused by the introduction and explosion of blockchain technology.

The consortium is led by the UCBL (Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1), and it consists of global leaders in blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, not just European ones. This includes academics, industry partners, communities, sectoral organizations, and others.

As for IOTA, the project’s Foundation aims to deliver the most empowering open-source DLT technology stack, as well as to contribute as much as possible to the successful application of its tech across societal domains.

With this in mind, the project is very excited to join CHAISE and exploit new opportunities to help educate and expand blockchain adoption, development, and usage.

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03/16/2021 - 10:35

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