How Cryptocurrency Is Changing eCommerce

How Cryptocurrency Is Changing eCommerce

With the cryptocurrency explosion of the past few years, it is no wonder cryptocurrency is touching every digital industry, and eCommerce is absolutely no different. From rocky beginnings in the early 2010s through to soaring Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin prices now in 2021, cryptocurrency has seen some real highs and lows. From the inherent benefits of a currency that does not require traditional fiat infrastructure as well as faster transaction speeds, there is a litany of benefits to cryptocurrency that businesses are only just starting to cotton on to.

eCommerce too has seen steady growth over the past few years, with plenty of new businesses springing up. With fierce online competition for online businesses nowadays, any technological advantage is always going to give businesses a major leg-up on the competition. Done right, integrating cryptocurrency payments is the perfect option. Allowing you as a business to tap into whole new demographics, while innovating and streamlining your sales process and business model.

Accepting cryptocurrency could prove the key when it comes to coming out ahead of the competition. Although there are definitely still some shortcomings when it comes to cryptocurrency technology, security and cryptocurrency stability, any business that plays their cards right could absolutely use the crypto situation to come out ahead.

That is exactly why the team at VizionOnline decided to put together a quick infographic, giving you all the major stats and figures, and helping you decide whether or not your business should consider integrating cryptocurrency payments. With many large businesses and companies online starting to accept cryptocurrency, here is some vital information to help you make your mind up on whether your eCommerce business should be accepting cryptocurrency or not.


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This article was written by Juliet Coleman of VizionOnline based in London.

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06/22/2021 - 11:30

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