Shopify allows merchants to sell NFT, what's the signal released?

Shopify allows merchants to sell NFT, what's the signal released?

On July 27, news about Shopify posted on Coindesk shocks the whole technology communities. According to Harvey Finkelstein, the CEO of Shopify, he announced that: Shopify now allows merchants to sell NFT through the marketplace on its platform. Furthermore, he also announced the first group of Shopify merchants that provide NFTs including the famous NBA Chicago Bulls which will launch NFT products "Legacy Collection" series and six championship rings.

As early as the beginning of March this year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also started to join the track of NFT. He made his first tweet "just setting up my twttr" 15 years ago into an NFT and auctioned it publicly, and finally sold at 2.5 million US dollars. Moreover, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, who has been constantly active on Twitter, also claimed that he would sell a song in the form of NFT, and attached the audio and video of the relevant song.

Jack Dorsey's first tweet

Additionally, some graffiti transformed into NFT and was labeled as digital artwork, and a majority of them could be sold at high prices. For instance, the hottest ape picture composed of pixels that triggered a frenzy in the market has an issue price of 0.08 ETH with a total quantity of 10,000. However, the average price of each ape rose to 0.72 ETH in one month(an increase of 900%, and the annualized rate of return was 10800%).

"Many people simply don't understand what NFT is, they just thought there is an opportunity to earn a huge amount of money,  so they follow the trend." Said a 20-year-old freshman.

In short, there are many outsiders who have made money through NFTs, but there are also many people who have lost money. Some college students also said that they lost a lot of money by getting involved in NFT investment. It is recommended that newcomer investors do not blindly follow the trend. After all, the information gap and cognitive gap in this field are relatively large, and it is not that easy for newcomers to earn income.

So, does that means there is no chance for new investors in the blockchain field? Definitely not the case. Compared with the NFT, another track derived from the traditional financial market is receiving more and more attention from investors in the encryption field. That is the "quantitative trading."

Quantitative trading originates from the mature financial system and belongs to the branch derived from the trading system combined with modern technology. Many foreign hedge funds have their own quantitative systems.

Quantitative trading has perfect prospects to perform well due to the high volatility of the crypto market, no upper and lower limit on the rise and fall, no suspension to the trading market all year round, and the surge and plummeted of the futures market.

Vtrading, the digital asset AI quantitative service platform, is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and big data technology to overcome the emotional weakness of human manipulation. Vtrading provides diversified quantitative trading strategies based on the big data model and in response to the current market trend. Users can access the platform through exchange API and start strategy trading with one click. Vtrading quantitative trading strategies are designed to juxtapose the risk control system and the strategy system, and each does its best. Users can customize position parameters according to their own needs, and maximize the income by using "strategy + leverage" on the basis of ensuring the safety of funds.

The most important thing is that for newcomers, you don’t need to spend too much time learning the K-line principle, and you don’t need to worry about the huge gap of poor information and poor cognition. You only need to use the Vtrading app to access multiple strategies based on the laws of market operation and earn a substantial profit.

Comparing NFT and quantitative trading tracks, one gradually enters the public vision and the other is entering this field; one is full of trap-like temptations for newcomers, and one exists as a diamond pickaxe for newcomers. Which is better, it speaks for itself.


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Jason Fang is the BD of Vtrading,a quantitative trading service platform.

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07/29/2021 - 11:00

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