Beware: Fake Cardano (ADA) Wallet Marketed on Discord

A Reddit user has outlined a fake website trying to copy and even promise more features than the verified Cardano (ADA) wallet – Daedalus. However, the copycat has a slightly different URL address.

  • The user, going by the Reddit handle Tjaaark, posted on August 13th that a “fake Daedalus website is being marketed on Discord.” He advised users to be wary as the copycat had some notable differences from the verified one.
  • For instance, the one marketed on Discord has an URL address ending with “.one.” In contrast, the original version ends with “.io.”
  • Named after an architect and craftsman from Greek mythology, Daedalus serves as a “secure wallet for the ADA cryptocurrency.”
  • The fake one, marketed as an update to the verified version, comes with an identical website mirroring the official one perfectly.
  • However, it also promises more features, including the ability to convert digital assets into fiat currencies, enhanced speeds, and more robust performance.

 RedditFake Daedalus Wallet Marketed on Discord. Source: Reddit

  • Cardano and its native cryptocurrency have been among the most popular projects in the digital asset space in the past year or so. The founder, Charles Hoskinson, vowed to provide more specifics about the long-anticipated smart contract launch today, on August 13th.
  • Perhaps due to the hype, ADA has surged by 50% in the last seven days. It’s up by 15% on a 24-hour scale and earlier broke above $2 for the first time since mid-May.
  • This growing popularity, though, seems to have caught the attention of bad actors. Consequently, investors have to be especially wary about where they store their ADA tokens.
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08/13/2021 - 12:54

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