SPELLFIRE: First NFT That You Can Actually Touch

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Spellfire’s History in the NFT Landscape

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) took the world by storm in recent months by rapidly expanding out of the score of the cryptocurrency space. Representing a valuable model of digital ownership allowing users and investors to make money garnered the attention of the crowd.

Similarly to physical features, like cash or money in banks accounts, users can employ the NFTs they bought with the help of digital assets, typically on the Ethereum blockchain. Somewhat expectedly, the possibility of speculating with prices drove enhanced volatility in the NFT markets as well. Despite this, though, the realm of non-fungible tokens remains as real as ever.

This provides opportunities for new projects, like the fantasy game Spellfire, which are willing and ready to take advantage and be the wind of change in that matter.

Spellfire – Unique Experience of Owning in-game Cards in Real Life

Spellfire is a fantasy game that presents players with unique experiences in the magical world consisting of lands like Bloodborn, Wet desserts, or The Holy Deadlands. Many users could dive into an ecosystem full of bewitchment that will probably remind you of your favorite fantasy movies or series.

Kings and witches, good guys and evil forces, wars and reasons: the project provides you with everything that a great fantasy game should have and sometimes even more. The digital version suggests hundreds of carefully and artistically designed game cards that represent different characters within several distinctive levels.

With these kinds of games, usually, everything stays in the digital world. However, this is not precisely the case with the current growth of NFTs. The team behind the “Spellfire” took a revolutionary road by presenting the ability to buy real world cards of the game.

The most loyal and engaged fans or people who maybe see the collecting benefits may buy game cards with NFT. Being the digital ledger in a certain way similar to cryptocurrency assets, each NFT is unique and in this instance, could represent real-life goods, like a game card.

You could have it at home, real as any other thing you buy with money, but in the digital world, one card could be highly valuable and simply make you money on its own.

Fighting Evil Monsters and Making Bank Never Been so Easy

If more users get engaged in the market by selling, buying, and reselling, prices go up and down rather rapidly. This enabled already involved users to make more money. In this instance, let’s say you bought “Spellfire’s” Arcana: Fire card which is interactive and upgradable.

After some time, you decide to sell it, you look at the market prices and activities and you follow the moment when prices peak the most: then it is time to sell – if, of course, you are able to catch that top. In this way, having real cards makes the whole experience way better and almost surreal. Players don’t only have part of the virtual world with them but could also see what is helping them make money.

Spellfire allows everyone involved to become a part of the revolution, which connects the past with the future. You own quite a common game card but in reality, you are involved in something surreal and futuristic.

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09/21/2021 - 09:09

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