Inflation Hedging Coin (IHC) and Yamzu team up to do battle together

Stockholm, Sweden & Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia/ - 16 November 2021

Holders of Inflation Hedging Coin (IHC) will soon have a new way to earn additional tokens and add to their digital assets. In collaboration with Yamzu, a Sweden-based disruptor in online gaming, IHC is expanding brand awareness to an audience of influential consumers and opening up new ways for gamers to engage online and exploit the full potential of blockchain technologies.   

In a market segment which continues to show remarkable growth, gamers can organize multiplayer tournaments on the Yamzu platform and join from anywhere in the world. Up to several thousand encounters happen on Yamzu every twenty-four hours. There’s always something happening on the site, even for spectators, while stakes and prize money are visible to all, and real-time battles provide an incentive to join in, IHC will shortly be used as prize money on IHC tournaments, demonstrating its increasing acceptance as an alternative way to receive prize money.

As a unique browser-based platform requiring no tedious downloads or licensing, Yamzu is designed to be quick and easy, with a solid back-end built for speed. Thanks to the implementation of smart contracts each transaction on the site is seamlessly executed allowing sponsors and users to instantly send and receive tokens to their wallets. Being integrated on the blockchain means that prizes are accurately and automatically allocated, enhancing trust in an environment that demands fairness and transparency. With lots to play for, it’s good to have this kind of guarantee. 

Trust is at the heart of the system. Founded back in 2016, which seems like forever ago in the gaming world, Yamzu has been more interested in steady growth and reliability than in making grand statements, as more gamers experience the benefits of the platform. In collaboration with IHC, a novel crypto-asset that uses the same technology to provide stability as a hedge against inflation, Yamzu has found a reliable crypto company, IHC, to accelerate the full benefits of blockchain.         

IHC has been incredibly successful in its journey so far, meeting all of its strategic milestones. The so-called ‘rebel coin’ was founded by a consortium of entrepreneurs with detailed experience in finance, e-commerce, and trading, digital engineering, programming, and marketing, unified in their ambition to stave off inflation as a predictable effect of quantitative easing. IHC caused a splash on its initial offering, selling out its first tranche of 100 billion tokens in a matter of seconds. The official launch of IHC tournaments will commence later this month.  

Yamzu now supports several games including League Of Legends and CS:GO on the platform. Yamzu’s free-to-play, free-to-host tournaments have seen gamers join from over 26 different countries around the world.

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11/17/2021 - 00:00

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