Introducing the Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) App for Nano Wallets

An integration of ICP with Ledger, one of the world’s most popular hardware wallets for safely storing crypto assets.

We are excited to announce the completion of Phase 1 in the development of Ledger’s Internet Computer (ICP) app. Zondax, a team of developers, engineers, and cryptographers, has partnered with the DFINITY Foundation to build the Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) app.

You can access the Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) app repository here:

Ledger is one of the world’s most popular hardware wallets for safely storing crypto assets. A Ledger wallet combined with the Ledger Live app gives users complete control over their crypto, ensuring ownership over their assets while providing maximum security. Compatibility with the Internet Computer and its ICP utility token is important for giving community token holders another safe and secure option for managing and staking their tokens and Network Nervous System neurons.

Under the hood, you will see that the Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) app supports a full CBOR parsing of the outer layer, as well as protobuf reading of the internal layer containing the arguments. The following functionalities are currently supported:

  • Full public-key derivation and address (principal) generation in the app: This includes showing the textual representation on screen for verification by the user.
  • ICP Transactions: The Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) app supports sending ICP to any address.
  • Neuron Management: The Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) app supports staking, dissolving, disbursing, and spawning neurons.

Integrating Ledger Nano With the NNS Front-End Dapp: User Manual

The Ledger Internet Computer (ICP) app has undergone a third-party audit and has been reviewed and approved by Ledger. The app is now available to install via Ledger Live.

DFINITY and Zondax plan to continue working together, so it’s likely that additional features for the Ledger Internet Computer app will be developed soon.

Guaranteeing quality through process

The Zondax team has developed a variety of blockchain products, specializing in software for hardware security modules and hardware wallets as well as blockchain protocol development and integration. Zondax has built a number of different Ledger apps to date, the Internet Computer app being the latest. With a deep level of experience around Ledger, the team’s dedicated development process ensures the quality and safety of each application.

Starting from a solid codebase that provides the core of each application, Zondax adds custom functionalities as required. Each additional functionality is checked with continuous integration, and is thoroughly evaluated using unit tests. Device outputs, including data shown on the Ledger screen, are cross-checked with a large number of test vectors to ensure consistency of the application with its integration.

Finally, the application undergoes complete end-to-end integration tests (also in CI) using Ledger’s emulator software to ensure correctness when running the application in the device. Additionally, Zondax also manually tests applications on dedicated test devices. Ledger has approved some 15 applications developed by Zondax.

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12/03/2021 - 18:01

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