Gaia announces NFT sale in collaboration with Binance

After a successful seed funding round, Gaia EverWorld will launch an NFT sale in cooperation with the Binance (BNB/USD) NFT marketplace, Invezz learned from a press release. Gaia was also awarded a grant by the Polygon Foundation (MATIC/USD) and closed a successful IDO. The sale of the land will let Gaia EverWorld claim the position due to it in the Metaverse.

Gaia leverages NFT tech to embrace P2E

Gaia EverWorld is aiming for solid footing in blockchain gaming, one of today’s hottest industries. They are using NFT technology to embrace the play-to-earn model and explore opportunities in the Metaverse. Gaia is based on the Polygon technology stack, which enables more efficient transactions and better scaling. Players can explore lands, build kingdoms, collect, battle, and breed.

A multi-realm world with numerous game modes   

Gaia is a fully immersive blockchain game that allows players to own in-game characters called Gaias among other items. It offers a multi-realm world to explore, with numerous game modes. Gaias level up in the process of the game, becoming more powerful and increasing in value. Players can breed Gaias using tokens, which are free to trade across centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Tokens sold out rapidly in IDOs

The Gaia EverWorld team is active in two initiatives: an airdrop of GAIA tokens and a launch of the Gaia Elite Club. Entry into the club provides access to exclusive merchandise, but requires a Gaia NFT. Recently, the team held various IDOs across BSC Station, Enjinstarter, Seedify, Bullperks, and Unilayer.

All tokens sold out rapidly for $0.16 per Gaia token. The token value was $4.5 on the MEXC exchange, coming to returns of 28x for early investors.

Binance NFT to provide exclusive support

Binance NFT will provide exclusive support for the upcoming Gaia Elite Club NFT collection. The partnership is the first step in bringing the GAIA token to the Binance Smart Chain and improving the use cases of these NFTs. This game’s land sale represents its entry into the Metaverse.

Gaia completes $3.7M funding round

Earlier this year, Gaia EverWorld completed a $3.7 million seed funding round from prominent blockchain investors such as Aussie Capital, Basics Capital, AU21, BSC Station, Panda Capital, and more.

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12/06/2021 - 16:00

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