Healthureum - Blockchain Technology for a Smarter, Healthier Future

Healthureum - Blockchain Technology for a Smarter, Healthier Future

The healthcare industry is one which is being marred by many scandals of late. Be it those which tarnish their reputation over malpractice, or those involving data breaches and security violations - the industry needs more transparency and a boost in their credibility. Healthureum is a blockchain based platform which offers the perfect solution, leading the world towards a smarter, healthier future.

Understanding Healthureum

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Healthureum is a platform which provides multiple solutions to the healthcare industry. It is a platform where users can avail a number of services including those of records management, consultations, referrals and much more. It is useful for the caregivers as well as for the patients. The platform also has its own cryptocurrency token, HHEM, which would be used for making payments on the platform.

The team behind Healthureum includes major world leaders from various countries and from various fields. The project was first conceptualized in the September of 2016 and the team has since been developing the idea further. A roadmap has been set which will help drive the project till late 2019.

This video explains Healthureum functioning in two minutes:

Benefits of Healthureum

The platform is aimed at making healthcare a more transparent process. It is aimed at making it easier for patients to trust the caregivers while it empowers caregivers to work more efficiently based on automated platforms which provide both, security as well as transparency. Here’s a look at the various benefits that this platform has to offer:

  • Benefits to Caregivers

Making use of the HHEM cryptocurrency, Healthureum ensures that the process of payments is automated and faster. The system will have information about each patient and all the health-related services they have availed. The prices of these services will be mentioned and the users will be charged as per the services they have availed.

Smart contracts will be employed to make use of this kind of a payment service. Moreover, insurance companies too will be contacted automatically to check if they can cover for the expenses. These smart contracts on Healthureum also ensure that the middle-men will be removed from the processes.

Healthureum also brings in another major feature into the mix - that of a better and improved inventory management system. The system will know which supplies or drugs the healthcare center is falling short of - it would then automatically re-order and make the payments by using the HHEM cryptocurrency. This brings in automation into the process and makes things faster, also reducing manipulation or corruption.

  • Benefits to Patients

In case a user wants to consult a medical professional over video conferencing, they can make use of that too and they will be charged via the HHEM tokens for the doctor’s time and advice.

Since the Healthureum platform is based on blockchain technology, it is one of the safest places to keep personal medical data at. Considering how patients treat this data as supremely sensitive, there’s perhaps no place better to store it in than a blockchain - where data can neither be stolen nor be modified. All medical data is protected by cryptographic algorithms and cannot be accessed without express permission from the patient.

Philanthropy is another aspect of the Healthureum blockchain - which provides benefits to both, the patients as well as to the caregivers. Philanthropy in healthcare is a major practice and many wealthy individuals and organizations tend to donate frequently. This donation can now be made via the HHEM tokens - making it quicker as well as more transparent.

Healthureum Will Change Healthcare as we know It

The technology is at a nascent stage as of now. However, if it does progress in the way that it is currently being envisioned and intended to, it has the potential to change the way we know healthcare technology to be. For more details on the technology, you can log on to

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01/12/2018 - 17:30