Galactic Fight League: 9999 unique fighters from across the galaxy available to mint on Jan 20

Galactic Fight League: 9999 Unique fighters from across the galaxy

The Galactic Fight League is an upcoming strategy-based fight simulation video game based on the Solana blockchain. The Galactic Fight League will be immortalized as a series of 9,999 randomly generated NFT collectables that will be available to mint on January 20. Each fighter will adorn a unique set of characteristics, some rarer than others and wear their own style of fightwear.

Origin Story

The Galactic Fight League brings together the best fighters from earth and beyond. Where Humans, Cyborgs, Aliens and Zombies battle to become the best mixed martial art fighter in the metaverse.



In the future, our galaxy is a very different place. Where humans once believed they were the only form of intelligent life, new civilisations were discovered, new lifeforms forged. Co-existence was never easy, battles raged.

The Last Guard

Once humans thought they were the only life in the galaxy. But their world changed, then mutated. Leaving the neighbouring planets of Earth and Mars the scene of bitter, bloody battle ended only by the formation of the Galactic Fight League.

The Immortals

Once a quiet and harmonious race, their struggle against Jupiter’s Knights saw them sacrifice vast cities and move under the crust of the red planet, leaving it a dry and desolate land. This peaceful race once lived out of the sight of humans, but now battles them hand to hand.

Jupiter Knights

Long ago, before humans cared to remember, Jupiter’s Knights co-existed on earth. But their lust for blood and war took them to another realm of existence only to return after a series of natural disasters on their home planet. Their return was not without impact, a chain reaction had begun.

The Biohazard Brawlers

The Biohazard Brawlers began as a cult, hell bent on releasing a deadly virus created by their crazed Biochemist leader. When Jupiters Knights landed their wormhole too close to earth, the radiation foiled the plat and turned a third of the population into the walking dead.

The Bone Collectors

The Bone collectors were an experiment, gone wrong. Humans tried to make disposable soldiers in their image by fusing the zombie beings with alien DNA. Their Martian genetics made their eyes glow, but their skin was a patchwork of hardened coral like features.

Iron Empire

The pace of human robotics programs was slow, but things changed. The Iron Empire became the first sentient machines after their Ai developed a way to rewrite its operating system via a backdoor. Before the humans could understand what was going on, the Iron Empire had gained autonomy.


Some would call them insane; some humans thought the answer to eternal life and strength was to fuse their bodies with parts of the machines. This worked, but a toxin was released from the exoskeleton causing a harmful reaction only life support could cure.

The Galactic Fight League Roadmap

Pre-Phase: Partnerships and PR

Leading up to mint day (and well beyond) we will continue to announce partnerships with real-world personalities, brands and agencies, as well as some of the most prominent fighters in the mixed martial arts scene.

01: Mint date: 20/01/2022

Come mint day we will be releasing 9999 fighters into the wild. Each one will be unique with billions of possible combinations. The mint will go live first to anyone who has managed to get a spot on the Whitelist. They will have half an hour before the mint is opened to the public.

02: Game development

Post-mint. This is where the work really starts for us as we’ll be working very closely with our game developers over the following months to bring our strategy based fight simulation game to life, where your NFTs will of course hold utility.

03: My fighters

A new section on our website will allow users to connect their Phantom wallet to bring up their NFT’s and fighter roster inside the Galactic Fight League.

04: GFL comic (airdrop)

We will, at some point down the line, be taking a snapshot and airdropping rewards to all holders who have a fighter in their wallet and are unlisted on any marketplace. These rewards will be in the form of collectible comic book cards featuring your favourite fighters.

05. New elite fighters

Additional ‘Elite Class’ fighters enter the GFL. The Elite Class is a mix of the baddest fighters from across the galaxy. They will all be 1/1s and therefore extremely rare, holding enhanced utility within the game. The only way to get your hands on these will be through giveaways, competitions or ELITE community contribution.

06. Earth icons

A collection of GFL tribute characters for some of Earth's most prominent sports stars and celebrities. These PFP fighters created for our VIP’s will help bring new eyes to the GFL allowing us to leverage their audiences to further build a thriving and diverse community.

07. GFL fightcast

Our very own podcast (cast hosted by none other than the voice of the GFL Joe Parisi) where we will be talking to some of the biggest names in the fight / martial arts world and beyond. We have some very special guests already lined up!

Final Phase: Beta game access

The final phase will of course be the release of our highly anticipated game. You can expect this sometime in mid-late 2022. However, there will be beta access for token holders where they will be able to test our game with reduced functionality in order to hone their skills and prepare for the full game.

FIGHT! Pending a successful beta testing phase, we will launch the full game for the world to see. Think big. Expect marketing, PR and coverage both inside and outside of the cryptosphere.

Real world MMA events

Looking even further on past the release of the game we will be hosting real world GFL events featuring some of the best athletes in MMA. There is not too much we can giveaway regarding this yet, but just know that it is going to create waves throughout the whole crypto space and beyond.

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01/13/2022 - 17:15

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