Warning About Phishing Websites

Dear KuCoin Users,

The KuCoin Group has received several reports from users that a website is using the KuCoin trademark to operate a phishing website with the intent to steal the sign-in credentials of KuCoin users.

The KuCoin Group hereby declares and clarifies:

1. “https://www.kucoln.cc” is a fraudulent website;

2. “https://www.kucoln.cc” have no relationship with the KuCoin Group, and the KuCoin Group has never authorized the platform to use the KuCoin trademark and other intellectual property;

3. To avoid these websites, we strongly recommend that you do the following:

a) Be extremely cautious when clicking unknown links (Examples: links shared on social networking sites, Telegram groups and search engines) with domain names similar to KuCoin’s official website.

b) Always use KuCoin official websites to sign in and trade.

c) Add KuCoin’s official website to your browser’s bookmarks to reduce your chances of encountering phishing sites.

d) Clear your browser’s cookies, and reset your KuCoin sign-in password if you have clicked suspicious links.

If you encounter unverifiable information, you can find the official customer service through official KuCoin APP for verification. At the same time, you can also enter https://cert.kucoin.com/ to verify the official channel.

In addition, we recommend that you set up safety phase under Security Setting for preventing phishing websites.

If the user does not verify the website through the official channel and believes in the fraudulent information and causes property loss, KuCoin will not be liable for any compensation.

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team

Publication date: 
01/15/2022 - 03:30

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