The Smart Way to Support Digital Dating!

If you’re under the age of 60, chances are you have been exposed to digital dating adverts in some form or another. Online dating has pretty much taken over traditional personal ads, and evolved from “site only” communication to every form of social media available to the masses.

Mankind has looked for contact and companionship from the very beginning, the need to establish an individual voice or identity and stand out, is stronger than ever. What’s more, our constant need to reach out to others lead the way in creating tools we couldn’t do without today e.g. the telephone.

That being said, dating and courtship have pretty much stayed in its complex little niche. After all, trying to figure out a few billion individual preferences and matchmake is no easy task. What makes Viola.Ai a successful tool in the evolution of digital dating is the utterly simple concept conceived by Violet Lim and Jamie Lee, partners in business and in life: take experienced individuals who have been in the business, move the business onto a secure platform whose very foundations requires verification and Voila!

The Real Dilemma

The uncertainty one faces in not knowing whether there is a “real” person on the other side has always been an issue in online dating.Though we read, time and again, about numerous scams taking place in this multi-billion dollar industry e.g. the infamous Ashley Madison scandal or OKCupid, we still hope beyond hope that we may be the small percent who survives this maze full of false hope and tricksters.

Are you being scammed on traditional dating sites?

In a market saturated with standard-issue dating sites, Viola.AI is the first of its kind. By utilizing blockchain technology, Viola.AI removes common dangers, uncertainties and scams prevalent in this industry:

● Ethereum smart contracts ensures all transactions remain above board

● Hedged Escrow system ensuring transparency is maintained at all times

● Hashing results on the Real-ID onto blockchain certifying one’s privacy and security are established — security breach or no!

● Professional, lifetime assistance is available to all Viola.AI clientele regardless of their relationship status.

A Happy Ending

Founders Violet Lim and Jamie Lee

It seems unbelievable that blockchain and A.I. — 2 concepts created by man, can actually successfully unite millions of people. The company’s founders have successfully arranged over 30 million matches during their years in the matchmaking business, and Violet seems to have a warm, mothering touch that extends to the business model itself. One is painfully aware that dating sites are not known for their support or community features but Viola.AI’s creators have seen fit to model the platform using their experiences and concerns rather than a standard, one-fits-all template.

If dating, courtship and marriage can be successfully attained and maintained through blockchain tech and human endeavour, we have no need to worry about the future of our species. Viola.AI has landed!

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Publication date: 
02/13/2018 - 11:26

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