3 Popular EdTech Platforms You Need to Know

Education Ecosystem

Education Ecosystem(LiveEdu) is working on a Blockchain based professional development platform. They connect different participants like content creators, learners, API developers, moderators, etc. You can register on their platform and learn from industry experts. They reached their ICO hard cap recently. They have an internal ecosystem competition and are giving away a Tesla Model S. Read about it here. Their LEDU tokens are available for purchase on Gate.io(March 1st) or Bibox (March 2nd).

LEDU tokens can be used for various purposes like downloading course materials, requesting custom projects, getting replies from the content creator, etc. The more you learn, the more you earn. You earn tokens for watching project videos, submitting project suggestions, inviting friends etc. You also get rewarded for being a community moderator. You get rewarded for quality assurance activities such as reporting bugs, content moderation, etc. Education Ecosystem incentivises its content creators. They receive tokens for creating content. The more learners engage with the content the more its creator is rewarded.


ODEM is a decentralised education marketplace. ODEM connects students and professors directly. Individual attention can be improved with one-one interaction. This is a value add MOOCs fail to provide.They use smart contracts to mediate financial relationships between its members (eg. students, tutors) and remove intermediaries. Hence drastically reducing cost. Their crowdsale is still going on.


Bitdegree bridges the gap between industry needs and student skills. This happens because study materials are hardly updated. Blockchain Developers are gonna be in huge demand in the coming years. In India having Blockchain Development listed in the curriculum is years away. BitDigree is already launching a solidity course on March 2nd. They even connect students with employers. This increases your chances of getting hired.

We still need a lot more ideas for Education in Blockchain. I feel this sector is yet to be disrupted. I suggest you take this free course on solidity programming in CryptoZombies (It’s fun). Hack around, write a few contracts and who knows you may be upto something. You should also checkout the free hyperledger course in EdX by Linux Foundation. The other sector which would see immediate disruption is on Private Permissioned Blockchains.

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