ARF Coin’s new slogan is “Collaboration for Growth“

Airfio’s new slogan is “Collaboration for Growth“

Artificial intelligence is both an imagination and, some say, a driver of innovation and performance. To assess the latter claim, we undertook the Idea of large, cross-country communities collaborations into the relationship between multiple communities, the presence of enabling conditions such as Blockchain technology support for and innovation outcomes.

ARF Coin made the setup to more than 30 companies across eight countries (the U.S., France, Germany, China, Brazil, India, Switzerland, and Austria) and a variety of industries sizes, examining diversity in management positions, measured with respect to trading volumes , Cryptocurrency acceptances ratio, Volume and education about the Cryptocurrencies. We partnered with the Trading Universities for the statistical analysis of the results. We examined the correlation of these variables both individually and collectively, with the percentage of revenues coming from products introduced in the last 6 Months as a proxy for innovation impact.

Effective companies for collaboration are taken to be those with better service, happy customers, and unsurprisingly they turned out to be more profitable, too.

We found that indeed there was a statistically significant relationship between companies and outcomes in all countries examined. Furthermore, the more dimensions of communities were represented, the stronger the relationship was, although the precise patterns of corporate and trading communities and performance were different across cultures. We also found these communities had gained momentum as a topic in more than 70% of the enterprises surveyed, especially in developing Cryptocurrency network.

Most important, we found that the most-diverse communities were also the most profitable , as measured by the freshness of their revenue mix. In fact, communities with above-average ,measured as the average of some dimensions , had both 19% points higher revenues and 9% points higher margins, on average.

All the dimensions of communities had statistically significant correlations with both individually and collectively, although trading volumes , Cryptocurrency acceptances ratio, Volume and education about the Cryptocurrencies larger effects.

And the effects of collaborations will be an additive step towards a new formation. This will bring in a wide network to buy and sell upon ARF coin. Eventually the coin rotation and the value will help in generating more mining coins.

Based on these findings, a broad-based approach to communities that values multiple aspects of diversity is therefore most beneficial in terms of profitable outcomes.

Publication date: 
03/06/2018 - 11:15

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