GladAgeCoin (GAC) : The First Blockchain Solution for The Global Old Aged Care Industry

GladAgeCoin (GAC) : The First Blockchain Solution for The Global Old Aged Care Industry

Bitcoin was the first eminent chip on Blockchain’s shoulder; the digital currency created a massive wave of enthusiasm as well as indifference amongst investors, crypto enthusiasts and common people alike. The aftermath was even more surprising. The rise in Blockchain’s popularity and aggressive adoption across industries introduced a large number of utility tokens. Who would have thought these tokens would create a furore of excitement even larger than Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto knew what purpose Bitcoin had- to solve the lack of trust in electronic payments and eliminate the need for a third party. He started the revolution of using Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to provide seamless solutions for fragmented industries. Initially pushed off a mere buzzword, Blockchain is actually living up to its hype.

The technology is helping transform multiple industries; fintech and e-governance are the most significant examples of blockchain adoption. The groundwork laid by Satoshi is finally seeing the light of day. The aged care industry is one of those industries that need a transformation badly. UN states that the global population of people ageing 65 or more is growing at an annual rate of 3% and traditional care homes are not efficient enough to accommodate this huge population.

GladAge is willing to take the first step in this direction and implement Blockchain technology to find a proper solution for all issues plaguing the industry. The platform will provide anything and everything from fully-vetted homes to on-demand personalized care services. GladAge promises to offer an atmosphere where elderlies will thrive and live out their days contently.

GladAge will provide a chance for property owners or landlords to lease out properties. to create a regular source of income for themselves. This will help build a self-sustaining economy backed by a cryptocurrency- GladAgeCoin (GAC). Smart contracts will provide interoperability between stakeholders while GAC will ensure that everyone gets paid their dues.

GladAgeCoin (GAC) sits at the heart of GladAge care platform and wrestles the control that money has over the entire process of caregiving.

GladAge Homes- GAC coins will back the process of leasing lands, buying, selling of GladAge homes and even refurbishment of used infrastructure. All payments for insured homes be it monthly, or yearly will be done in the form of GAC. Every other transaction related to the smart system of GladAge will have GAC at its core.

On-demand Personalized Care Services- To provide the best service for seniors in an affordable manner, caretakers will be rated according to the service received. Based on the feedback, the payment of all services will be made through GladAgeCoin itself.

Online marketplace- An e-commerce platform will give seniors instant accessibility to medicines, care equipment and products. There will also be options for trading new or used assets, listing land for lease, donation or auction of goods and lastly, renting personalized care services. Needless to say, GAC will be used as the means for payment.

Services Trading- Seniors will have the option to trade their experience or service on a service platform. They would get to trade skills to partner firms or NPOs and get paid in return. Such usage triggers greater use of GAC thus strengthening its position in the market.

GAC is tied to an Ethereum-powered platform of GladAge and can easily turn out to be the digital coin that transformed the entire age care industry. The token is immaculately involved in every process such that it exudes the real power of Blockchain technology. The crypto world is brimming with an exuberance of digital tokens, and it is better to be cautious of a large number of digital currencies sweeping the digital space. Yet, a very noble cause backs GladAgeCoin (GAC) and, it is highly unlikely that the token will fail to live up to expectations.

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