Good Process vs. Bad Process

Busy with the newborn, but still pondering, tweeting, writing some thinky posts (influenced by the lack of sleep, no doubt), and occasionally doing short, low fidelity podcasts).

Last night’s sleepy list…when is process “good” ?

Good process (is) | Bad process (is)

Encourages mindfulness | Encourages mindlessness

Flexible to local concerns | Inflexible to local concerns

Adaptable, frequently challenged/improved | Set in stone. “Just because…”

Mostly “pulled” because it is valuable | Mostly “pushed” on to participants

Core principles understood | Automatic/forced adherence

Encourages conversations/collaboration | Reduces quality/quantity of conversations

Co-created/designed with “users” | Designed in vacuum and imposed

Value to all participants | One-sided value

Increases confidence in outcomes | Detached from outcomes

Distilled to core “job” (lightweight) | Burdened by many jobs/concerns

Achieves desired consistency with minimal impact on resiliency. Improves global outcomes. | Achieves consistency to the detriment of global outcomes / long-term resilience

Delivers value to end-customers | Disconnected from customer value

Guide/tool/navigate/remind | Control/direct

Enhances trust/safety | Trust proxy, safety proxy

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Publication date: 
05/16/2018 - 18:41