In what Social Media Network should you build your follower group?

Social Media networks are very different when it comes to promoting yourself and building your follower base. Some of them offer shortcuts into building huge community, while on others you just can’t get pass the starting point.

In the list below from easiest to most difficult one, I will explain the pros and cons of different social media networks and advice on which you should focus if you want to become online-famous.

Note, that I don’t have experience with all social networks, and those that I’m not familiar with you will not find on this list.

1. Telegram Group

Awesome media channel, where you can easily add followers without their consent or buy this service quite cheaply. The only downside is that they have limited the size of a group to 100k people. Note that Telegram Channel does not offer same benefits.

2. Linkedin (personal page)

Linkedin used to be the best social media network, until they fuck it up and limited connections to only 30k. It’s extremely difficult to get the past 30k, since while you cannot accept contact requests, people still keep sending them to you, instead of following you. A bug that Linkedin does not want to fix.

3. VK / VKontakte

Unless person accepts your friend request you just end up following him. You can send friend requests only to 50 people per day, so building a community is slow.

4. Facebook (personal page)

You can add up to 5k friends, until you hit the limit. However sending too many request may get you banned.

5. Instagram

If you are a pretty girl or just post frequently great photos, you can get few followers per day quite easily. However advertising on Instagram is like advertising offline, since they have not realized the benefit of hyperlinks.

6. Medium

No shortcuts available, however you if ad yourself to a publication and write an article that gets lot of claps, you will be promoted there and get free visibility.

7. Twitter

Most ineffective social media network. Extremely difficult to get followers unless you advertise your Twitter page. Following other people or commenting on their posts gives minimum interaction as Twitter is mostly used for one-way communication.

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05/29/2018 - 19:55

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