How can I help you as an ICO advisor?

Filip Poutintsev, ICO Expert and Advisor

Whenever I get contacted by a potential ICO client, the first question I hear is: “What can you do for us”.

As an ICO advisor my job is to find your weak spots and help with them. There’s no point in helping what you already do well. Therefore because I can comprehensively answer your question I need to know what exactly are you doing and how. And only after that I will know how to help you.

Also it’s not bad for you think in advance why are you looking for ICO advisor in the first place. I’m sure you’re not doing that only because everybody else is doing that too. You most likely need help with something specific, and there’s no point inhiding it, it will just slow down our work.

But for all those who are not sure, why to hire an advisor, or why to hire me, I made a list of things I do and do not do as an ICO advisor.

What I do as ICO advisor:

  1. Explain how to run an ICO. What to do step by step.
  2. Consult you regarding the business idea behind your ICO fundraising.
  3. Assist with financial planning of your ICO budget.
  4. Help to plan your marketing strategy.
  5. Choose best website platform, template and hosting plan for your needs.
  6. Explain web analytics, what to track, how to track and interpret results for you.
  7. Analyze website performance as well as website speed and consult how to perfect them.
  8. Test your sales channel and advise how to improve your conversion rate.
  9. Advise how to smartly outsource most of your time consuming work.
  10. Consult on universal level related to online business, marketing, advertising, recruiting or business in general.
  11. Do troubleshooting for you. Solve various problems you may come across in your ICO sale.
  12. Advise regarding company formation, choosing jurisdiction and finding a bank account.
  13. Help to save your money and choose best service providers and marketing channels.
  14. Make decisions regarding PR or reputation issues.
  15. Look for additional advisors, though success in that is not guaranteed as each of them will decide personally if he wants to join your ICO or not.

What I can do as an ICO advisor, but for additional fee:

  1. Smart contact and other technical work, including installing web analytics tools and everything else where you need to work with the code.
  2. White paper writing and other content creation.
  3. Exclusive marketing services such as Reddit, Telegram and Bitcointalk. This also applies to all 3rd party marketing.
  4. Attend conferences, meetings with investors etc.

Points 1–3 requires me to pay my employee’s salary.Point 4 usually bears additional expenses due to travelling and accommodation.

What I do not do as an ICO advisor:

  1. I’m not a sales person. I will not look for investors for you and pitch them your idea. I also don’t know personally any investors who would potentially be interested in investing into ICOs.
  2. I don’t do customer support of any kind. This also applies to moderating your Telegram group or other social media accounts, and being your bounty campaign manager.
  3. I don’t manage nor optimize your marketing campaigns. This especially applies to social media campaigns, Facebook and Google Adwords (which will be banned soon anyway).

Generally as the name suggest advisor advises. If you need my hands-on approach on your business, operation, marketing, finances, organization etc. Then perhaps you should hire me as your CEO, COO or CMO and pay accordingly to this position, as advisory fee with high risk reward is not enough to cover that.

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Publication date: 
06/05/2018 - 10:36

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