How to Create Your Identity Effortlessly on a Blockchain

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You can create a social identity for yourself by creating a profile on a social networking site like Facebook. You can use that identity to seamlessly signup on Medium. You don’t have to re-enter first name, last name, etc. Medium integrates Facebook APIs and transfers your information with your consent.

But, what about creating your identity on the blockchain?

Creating an identity on a blockchain is not easy. Consider a bitcoin wallet, you need to generate a private key and a public key. But, look at this public key, does it speak for you?


You need an identity that communicates your personality or individuality.


Now compare this identity with the public key. BlockchainCoder is a personalised identity that speaks for me. Creating such identities effortlessly is one of the features Safebit provides you.

Creating an Identity on Safebit

The next hassle is managing multiple identities. In Bitcoin, you have to generate separate keys for a new wallet. Managing them is a pain, you have a lot of keys to remember.

My Identities on Safebit

However, our users don’t have to go through such hassles. You can manage all your identities in one place.

But, the problems on typical blockchain identities don’t end there. An identity created on a blockchain is not transferable to a different blockchain. Because blockchain are not capable of speaking to each other yet.

Safebit is not a place only for identities. It’s also a platform which provides developers easy to use SDK to deploy blockchain apps. Our platform has the capability to speak with multiple blockchains and hence you can take your identity wherever you go.

Let’s see how seamlessly you can use your identities.

Sigbit allows you to sign a message permanently on the blockchain. Let’s now sign a message(Blockchain are awesome) using the BlockchainCoder Identity.

In a simple click, Sigbit signed our message.

We help our users effortlessly and securely create, manage and use identities across apps and blockchains. We are currently on a private alpha. If you need an invite, you can request one by joining our telegram group.

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07/27/2018 - 13:31

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