HAB Token ICO: Smart And Secure Blockchain IoT Devices For Cities?

Hab is being touted as the blackbox for smart cities. Its developers have designed it to be used in securing critical data. This is critical data related to the security of the IoT devices. Its token is currently in the private pre-sale stage.

About Hab

It is estimated that by the year 2030, there will be more than fifty billion IoT devices operating in Smart Buildings and Smart Cities. Eighty percent of these gadgets will be processing security-related data. Given the sensitive nature of this data, is it possible to ensure that it will not fall into the wrong hands?

How can we ensure that the crucial data from urban infrastructure, surveillance systems, leakage sensors, and smoke sensors will be properly secured in the event that there is an accident or data breach incident? The critical events registry from the IOT information stored on the HAB Platform will help reduce investigation time, and also assists in claims settlements.

It will assist in ensuring that claims are settled much more quickly, as well as provide the investigators with the information they need to assess damages. In the long run, the platform will help provide a superior claims experience that will also play a crucial role in doing away with the expenses known as ‘trust-fees.’

How HAB Blockchain IoT Devices For Cities Works

The HAB platform has been designed to assist all organizations that are operating IoT gadgets-to-cloud based information systems. The platform will be utilized as an additional data management layer. Its inclusion will see the addition of a third-party repository based on blockchain technology, whose role will be to provide two primary services:

  1. Notarizing the crucial data sets fashioned by the interconnected devices in Smart City and Smart Buildings infrastructures
  2. Utilizing this information through the use of smart contracts when executing business processes

A dual approach will be developed for use in designing a blockchain architecture that is scalable, dedicated, and fully operational. The architecture will make it possible for the users to log additional information on the Ethereum blockchain (standard public blockchain) in what is to be known as a standard, dedicated umbrella contract.

This is a combination that is expected to make it possible for users to recover from serious crashes or infrequent trust breaches.

HAB Road Shows

Hab will be holding roadshows through the entire month of September. The road shows will see them visit France and London on the following dates in a bid to meet and interact with potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts:

  • September 5&6: Smart Building Alliance University. Lyon, France
  • September 13&14: Blockchain Summit. London, UK
  • September 25&26. Connected World Summit. London, UK
  • September 26: Blockchain Live. London UK

HAB Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Standard: ERC Token
  • Acceptable Payment Methods: EUR, BTC, USD, ETH
  • Token Price: $0.005
  • Soft Cap: $3,000,000
  • Hard Cap: 13,000,000

Token Distribution

The team recently announced that most (51%) of its tokens are expected to go to their crowdsale subscribers. 28% will be channeled to the HAB pool which is to be used to reward stakers and developers.

  • Token sale participants: 51%
  • HAB pool: 28%
  • Advisors: 11%
Publication date: 
10/05/2018 - 08:54

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