William Shatner Defends Vitalik Buterin On Twitter Talking ETH Blockchain and Token Protocols

William Shatner, an 87-years-old Canadian actor and producer, has recently tweeted in support of Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the Ethereum network.

Oddly, his first tweet was just a thumbs up to Buterin. However, the discussion moved forward from there and he replied to another user who said that Buterin was a literal scammer and that it was not possible to develop something 100% decentralized on top of the Ethereum network.

Shatner then responded that he should go develop his own blockchain or that the should “shove money in a mattress”. According to Shatner, “that’s only overseen by the bed bug community”.

After the discussion, Shatner affirmed that the man’s viewpoint did not take into account that a code had to be audited and approved by a consortium in order to be accepted and that he thinks he lives in a bubble.

Some other people were impressed by Shatner’s understanding of the crypto community and for putting his views out there.

This was not the first time that William Shatner has spoken about cryptos and the blockchain technology on Twitter. He has been tweeting sometimes about the subject lately.

The first time that he did it was in June 2018 when he publicly endorsed the sales of a token that was representing the Solar Alliance, an alternative energy developer that was planning the construction of a Bitcoin mining farm in Illinois.

Publication date: 
11/08/2018 - 20:43