Tokeny to Help VIVOplay Conduct a Successful VIVOpago PAGO Token Sale

SVOD TV and live streaming leading service has picked Tokeny to back its token sales event. It is set to release PAGO tokens for the blockchain-based VIVOpago. The security token-oriented Tokeny platform helps businesses digitize real-world assets including stocks and commodities.

The blockchain-powered ecosystem VIVOplay will adopt these services on VIVOpago platform to provide users a variety of products and services purchased using PAGO token. As the first platform to issue cryptocurrency, PAGO aims to improve lives in the Latin American by offering utilities for token holders.

VIVOpago is developing a dApp-inclined system to be powered by PAGO token. Its VIVOplay existing video streaming will be the first dApp on the blockchain platform. The app will enable users buy premium video content from the Spanish-US TV network using PAGO tokens.

In addition, producers and creators will also access data stored on the disseminated ledger. Advertisers will gain from the platform which is now improved with user-friendly viewer assessment capacities.

Founder and CEO of VIVOplay Carlos Hullet say the platform solves one of the largest growth hindrances for companies providing services in Latin America which is low formal system infiltration. This also includes online banking and credit cards. By delivering significant benefits to the region, PAGO token and VIVOpago can help ease the difficulties consumers face.

Carlos reiterated that Tokeny is pleased and enthusiastic to work with VIVOpago’s ICO and investors in delivering tokens. He says the company’s solutions are secure and easy to use to boost investor experience.

According to Tokeny CEO, Luc Falempin, being the first ICO in Latin America, they are thrilled to provide technology answers for successful tokenization. Luc appreciates the project and partnership in television and other industries in Latin America will enable the company to realize its goals and vision.

He says they are confident the platform will have significant utility in real-world situations where other crypto projects have not succeeded.

What to know about VIVOplay

VIVOplay brings the Hispanic TV experience to the digital ecosystem providing unique premium content.

This is through its original productions, live TV, special events, news, interests, and content needs. If you want additional information, you can visit for more.

What to know about comprises of its exchange, incubator, liquidity pool and consulting services which enable holders of the ‘TIOx’ utility token to get engaged in the company’s growth. is poised to be the next generation of financial institutions running on blockchain technology. has created unique and a truly innovative platform able to grow and adapt to the developing blockchain industry needs. This has been achieved through decades of expertise and experience in Fintech, compliance, investment banking and combining all these into not only a powerful platform but also a transparent using the disseminated ledger.

What to know about Tokeny

Tokeny is a Luxembourg based Fintech entity that offers a safe end-to-end platform which enables easy management and sale of tokens. This usually takes place during and after an STO and ICO. Its solutions influence the blockchain technology, thanks to the global longtime experience on conventional securities.

Tokeny exploits its expertise to ensure its contributions in the STO are secure, accessible and transparent.

Publication date: 
11/08/2018 - 21:42