Japan’s Nomura Research Institute (NRI) and ConsenSys Create Blockchain Security Monitoring Service

Japanese Cybersecurity Group Creates Blockchain Scan Tool In a Partnership With ConsenSys

The Nomura Research Institute, a prominent cybersecurity company, has unveiled a new product: a blockchain security alert tool, which was created in a partnership with ConsenSys. This new product will be called Blockchain Security Monitoring Service and it is aimed to increase the security of blockchain products while informing the operators about all the possible vulnerabilities.

This blockchain solution will use smart contracts to target the weaknesses of the products at the same time that the company will work with the ConsenSys team to expand its security offering.

Last week, a group of researchers from two U. S. universities four out that a lack of diversity in smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain could make them more vulnerable as it would be easier to hack most of them. Therefore, the company seems to be focused on also solving this issue and on collaborating to bring powerful automated smart contracts and services for customers all over the world.

Tom Lindeman, one of the co-founders of the company, is especially interested in creating services that will make smart contracts more useful and secure for people all over the world.

The company is already planning to take its services overseas in the future as well as to widen the range of the products and to make important contributions to the future of the blockchain technology.

Publication date: 
11/09/2018 - 06:14