Stips FinTech ICO (STIPS Token): Blockchain Crypto-Finance Investing?

What Is Stips FinTech?

STIPS FinTech is a decentralized crypto finance ecosystem designed for smart investing and asset management to make information simple and accessible; it also seeks to make investments smart and reliable.

Additionally, STIPS seeks to create a community that is interested in searching and providing information on cryptocurrency assets and teams that are responsible for the assets. The ecosystem will then create a means to provide the created community with unbiased, relevant, and complete information on assets that interest the community.

How Stips FinTech Blockchain Crypto-Finance Investing Works

STIPS will achieve all its set objectives through its decentralized products that include:


This decentralized, simple, and functional analytics platform will connect all the participants in the cryptocurrency market. This will result in highly efficient investments. This platform will feature a gamification system that utilizes game thinking and game dynamics to attract more users and improve their participation. The system will involve users in the transfer of data and reward them in tokens, bonuses, ratings, and many more.


This professional cryptocurrency index creates an indicator to help investors purchase more liquid tokens or directly invest in the index and earn market returns. In addition, the index will enable investors to compare the ROI of the different cryptocurrencies in the market that will assist the investors decide which fund to invest in.


This is the world’s first open index cryptocurrency fund established on the NEM blockchain architecture. The fund features the top 20 cryptocurrencies, transparent and classical asset management strategies that allow the fund investors to earn mid-market yields.

STIPS|Smart Fund

The Smart Fund is a decentralized solution focused on smart investing and providing users with information that they can use to make wise decisions about their crypto assets. The fund will also provide them with analytical and asset management tools.

STIPS Tokens

The tokens will power the entire ecosystem and will be used to reward a user or to provide valid information on the ecosystem. The users can then use the received tokens to pay for extended functionality on STIPS. Token holders can also continuously trade their tokens on the platform.

Stips FinTech Benefits

Blockchain Implementation

The implementation of blockchain technology on the platform offers efficient solutions in terms of:

  1. Faster rates of transaction confirmation and elimination of transaction fees for the end users.
  2. Automation of processes such as the accounting of transactions and execution of settlements and payments.
  3. Ensures data transparency on the STIPS FinTech by providing users with access to complete information on the company action

Stips FinTech One-Stop Solutions

The STIPS platform offers balanced solutions that meet the needs of investors. The solutions include diversified trading strategies, analysis of blockchain projects, and integration of technical analysis tools. The platform also features a gamification system that rewards the users in form of STIPS tokens.

Stips FinTech STIPS Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: STIPS
  • Token protocol: EOS
  • Total token supply: 242,367,507
  • Tokens supply during ICO: 146,151,260,50
  • Token sale date: September 2018 – January 2019
  • Token price: $0.07 – $0.1
  • Accepted currencies: USD, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS
  • Soft Cap: $4,400,000
  • Hard Cap: $11,400,000
Publication date: 
11/16/2018 - 10:00

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