Totle Decentralized Exchange Aggregator Finalizes weiDex Intregration To Improve Liquidity

The Totle platform has significantly increased its liquidity after adding weiDex to its portfolio. Totle is an aggregator for decentralized exchanges that also enables users to manage their digital asset investments.

weiDex is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that emphasizes the security and transparency of transactions. Its name is a portmanteau of two terms, ‘wei' and ‘Dex.' Dex stands for decentralized exchange, whereas wei is the least possible form of Ethereum. The platform mainly deals with altcoins and provides its clients with lucrative incentives.

Besides weiDex, Totle features several other decentralized trading sites and relayers on its platform. These include Bancor, EtherDelta, Shark Relay, and Kyber and so on.

Decentralized exchanges are usually affected by low liquidity. This forces traders to centralized exchanges. Although centralized platforms offer more liquidity, they are characterized by poor service delivery and are more vulnerable to attacks.

Ultimately, Totle intends to simplify the concept of trading cryptocurrencies, as well as make it accessible to any willing individual. To do this, liquidity has to be sufficient. Totle improves the liquidity by pooling the liquidity of leading decentralized exchanges into an easy-to-use user interface.

Totle seeks to achieve its goals by observing the following principles:

  • Usability – the user interface is designed to be friendly to beginners.
  • Trust – Totle does not request users' private keys and tokens. The funds are always in the clients' wallets.
  • Transparency – all transactions are recorded on a public blockchain and secured by smart contracts.
Publication date: 
11/21/2018 - 19:40