myGeNomeCoin: Legit Blockchain Crypto Project?

GNC is the first block of a blockchain (Bitcoin). It will start by taking a snapshot of bitcoin balances on January 3, 2019. The platform’s main goal is to create “DNA-based open sharing eco-system” that enables users to manage or improve their lifestyles by using their personal genetic information.

Therefore, GNC focuses on reducing the activities of obtaining or selling coins with questionable purposes. GNC will be generated under the following conditions:

  • To revive 3.3 million lost bitcoin as GNC and eliminate the excess amount permanently.
  • The company will secure the 3 million coins for 6 years while distributing 500 thousand coins each year to public interest of “Precision Medicine.”

The O.P.P.A Token

The OPPA token contains celebrity’s appearance related genetic information. All along, there has been a cloudy situation between fans and entertainment providers when it comes to copyright infringement. In this regard, the OPPA token will serve as an alternative way to solve the situation because the provider or entertainment company together with the celebrity will have full control of the token generation.

The OPPA token will be worth collecting to the fan because it will be scarce and the price will depend on the popularity of the celebrity. Besides, the popularity of the coin will increase. The integration of genome data and blockchain is the ultimate solution to the “First Mile Problem” in the blockchain industry. This will secure the transparency and integrity of genome data. Besides, the combination will create innovation to the supply chain of many industries including food and agriculture.

Global Identification

According to “UN Initiatives ID2020,” there is a need to generate valid IDs for 1.1 billion people around the world who do not possess any government-issued document to confirm their birth status. myGenome Colored Coin will serve as the user’s global identification.

With it, users will be able to open bank accounts, register businesses or land, as well as get access to any government’s beneficial services.

Beyond The Coin Price

MyGenomeBox focuses on generating genetic information based management with different industries to design new industrial ecosystem. GNC generation is one of the activities that aim at maximizing the value of market participation to ensure transparent sovereignty of individual’s genetic information.

GNC will only serve as an incentive for providers of genomes for public interest. Therefore, a connection for ecosystem is established where a virtuous profit is made between individuals and the public interest.

The Dilemma Of External

Regardless of how everyone benefits from genetic sequencing, there is still a shortage of needs or value of it for the price. Three million of GNC will be allocated for six years to conquer the sticky situation of external economy and design “Big Data” of genetic information. The team behind GNC is confident that its generation will create the diversity of innovation on the economy on a global platform.

The GNC team is concerned about quality, craft, and disciplined experimentation. They are active contributors to design a new eco-system that will enable everyone to pursue a better lifestyle.

Publication date: 
01/02/2019 - 23:33

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