Zcash (ZEC) OTC Cryptocurrency Trading Starts at Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Merchant Bank

The team that is behind the privacy protection of cryptocurrency Zcash today announced that Galaxy Digital has already started over the counter trading and Zcash two-sided liquidity solutions. Galaxy Digital is a diversified merchant bank founded by Mike Novogratz.

“Galaxy Digital trading is pleased to bring in Zcash into its tokens list that we trade OTC. We anticipate the continued blockchain/token ecosystem development which is changing the world,”

said the Global Head of Sales for Galaxy, Yoshi Nakamura.

With this, Galaxy will be joining other OTC trading firms in Zcash trading including Genesis Trading, Circle Trade, and Cumberland. Galaxy Digital Trading will help bring experience from the traditional finance to the crypto space. Their support will help reinforce Zcash as their leading project when it comes to the cryptocurrency space.

About The Zcash

Zcash is an open source and decentralized cryptocurrency that offers and provides its users with selective transparency on their transactions. The cryptographic research with which the Zcash technology is based has been developed from the Bitcoin Core’s codebase battle test. It has been developed by a team specialized in security engineering.

Zcash makes use of the cryptographic concept popularly known as the zero-knowledge proof. This concept guarantees transaction validity without making public the information concerning the recipient, sender and transaction value.

About Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital is a multi-service and diversified merchant bank which is dedicated to the blockchain technology and the digital assets. This Galaxy Digital has a multidisciplinary team which is made up of extensive experience that spans portfolio management, blockchain technology, capital markets, investing and operations.

Currently, Galaxy Digital does operate in four different distinct business lines that include Principal Investing (ICO investments, private equity, Pre-ICO investments, venture, illiquid and liquid cryptocurrencies and public equity), Asset management (ecosystem fund and external capital across passive management), Trading (market making/OTC, macro and arbitrage) and Advisory(technical consulting services to both the established and the startups institutions, M and A or restructuring and capital markets). Michael Novogratz is the founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital.

Galaxy Digital is headquartered in the New York City and has its offices in Cayman Islands (the registered office), Tokyo, Vancouver, London, Hong Kong, and New Jersey.

The main mission of Galaxy Digital is to ensure space is institutionalized, promote the advancement and growth of technology and the underlying ecosystem that is behind the blockchain and the digital assets.

Publication date: 
01/12/2019 - 19:02