My 2018 CryptoArt/Music ReCap

I decided to focus full-time in this space towards the end of 2017. Seems like a decade ago now.

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I think it’s important to note that as an independent creative, I have the luxury to speak freely and I don’t have to tailor my thoughts to appease a venture capital investor or boss. I’m a Bitcoiner. I play with Ethereum too, but mainly because that’s where much of the cryptoArt experimentation has moved to over the past year but I would love to help some more Bitcoin-specific art/music projects get on their feet as well. (I’ve also fiddled with Waves, EOS and Tron but not enough to incorporate their protocols into my work yet.)

So, I’ve recapped my contributions and content last year and hope to expand and continue learning more in 2019.

Art On The Blockchain Podcast (AOTB)

AOTB is the crypto-art and music education- focused podcast brought to you by Cynthia Gayton and myself. They are generally 60–120 minutes long and I produce and edit each episode with all of my own original music and try to keep it in line with the feel from my DJ mixtapes. Hopefully, they come across totally different than what you are used to. Episodes 9–26 were all recorded in 2018. That’s an average of 1.5 podcasts per month of conversations with some of the vanguards of the cryptoArt space. A big bump from our 8 episodes in 2017!

Jason Bailey of

Cryptograffiti (artist)

Jessica Angel (artist)

Tatiana Moroz (singer)

Dan Anderson of Bitcorns

Brian Hoffman of Open Bazaar

Jess Houlgrave of Codex Protocol

Kev & Jon from Rare Art Labs

James Waugh & Trevor of Bidio

Ruth Catlow of Furtherfield

Sam Hart of

Poppy Simpson of Meural

Grayson Cox, Ronald Gierlach, Brian Gruber & Hollis Witherspoon of Nash Cash Casino

Yiying Lu (artist)

Joe Chiapetta (artist)

Manuel Palou, Moises Sanabria & Eddie Negron of Art404

Travis LeRoy Southworth (artist)

Beatriz Ramos and Yehudit Mam of Dada.NYC

Matt Hall of Choon Music and Cryptopunks

Rob Myers (artist)

DJ 3LAU (musician)

Mack Flavelle of Cryptokitties

Christian Moss of Indie Square

Coin Artist of Neon District

John Perkins and Jon Craine of

Naturel (artist)

On top of these long form episodes we also briefly branched out to FM radio with a bi-weekly 30 minute live radio show on WERA in Arlington, Virginia. For this show we focused on news and on local DC-area artists involved in cryptoArt. We had short interviews with artists like Vesa, Coldie and more. Although the show was a lot of fun to to do, we decided to discontinue it as it was hard to gauge how much it was being listened to and we could only repost to the archaic MixCloud website. Sometimes it’s hard being located in the cryptoArt-sparse Washington DC! lol

AOTB In The DMV Mixcloud site

Crypto-related Music

I spent many years making rap music and somehow fell into audio visual memes this year. Here’s a sampling of some of the releases.

DJ J-$crilla “Cant Smoke A Bitcoin” ft. Chris DeRose, Peter Schiff

DJ J-$crilla “I Wear Gucci (My Name’s Craig Wright)

MikeInSpace “Pull The Latch” ft. Theo Goodman (Produced by DJ J-$crilla)

Junseth’s World” Worst Podcast Ever Theme Song

Choon Music uploads

Ujo Music uploads

2018 A3C Festival in ATL

Educator, Speaker and Panelist

I found myself looking to educate people more as the conferences and panels in cryptoArt took off after the historic RAREAF Conference at the top of 2018. I participated in a number panels, discussions and even a teaching gig. In 2019, my goal is to continue on this path by educating, learning more and discussing in this niche and exciting space. Here’s a list.

Rare Art Festival RAREAF- January 13, 2018 NYC (panelist)

Digital Assets- March 31, 2018 WDC (DJ/Speaker)

Introduction to Crypto-art and Crypto-music- April 21, 2018 ATL (Speaker/Educator)

Rare Digital Art Charity Crypto Auction @ POW DC- May 9, 2018 WDC (Speaker/Host)

Creative Tech Week- May 10, NYC (Panelist/DJ)

Ethereal Summit- May 11, Brooklyn, NY (Media)

Washington Area Lawyers Association Presents DJ J-$crilla & Cynthia Gayton’s “Intro To Cryptocurrencies, CryptoArt and Music, and Blockchain for Creatives”- Sept 17- Oct 2 (Every Monday 7-9pm) WDC (Educator/Presenter)

A3C Festival- “How Musicians and Artists Are Using Blockchain” Oct 5, 2018 ATL (Panelist/Speaker)

The Rarest Show- Oct 25, 2018 Brooklyn, NY (DJ/Media)

Art Decentralized- The World of Distributed Masterpieces- Dec 6, 2018 MIA (Media)

a clip from Introduction To CryptoArt & CryptoMusic


I’ve always enjoyed writing and have a lofty goal of one day cooking up a novel. I started writing on cryptoArt in 2016 and I added a few more pieces in 2018 to the catalogue. Writing more will be near the top of the list of 2019.

Introduction To CryptoArt & CryptoMusic

Some NOTES on How To Start Earning Crypto With Music


“Bitcoin Honey Badger” Acrylic on canvas

Crypto- Themed Artwork and Tokenized pieces

In 2016/2017 I made a bunch of Counterparty (XCP/BTC) related artwork in the form of Rare Pepes. I made mostly hip-hop and Crypto-themed Pepes. As some in this space know now, I have an opinion- that the Rare Pepe Trading Group ignited this space faster than anything else. In 2018, as cryptoArt exploded, the Ethereum communities got behind the movement and hundreds of platforms seemed to pop up as you can witness in real time at The Ethereum community is big on NFTs, (I personally dislike the name “NFT” to describe these collectibles but this article is not about that) crypto-collectibles and hackathons. I began experimenting with a few of these platforms but ultimately ended up mostly issuing my Ethereum-based art tokens through SuperRare. I really hope to try out Rare Art Labs more this year as well. I also continued using my go-to Counterparty platform to issue tokens using the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcorns sprung up around the beginning of February and I’ve really enjoyed that community. Even met my fiancee through the community (Tinder is for boomers.) KaleidoscopeXCP is one of the most innovative dark corners of the blockchain space and I really enjoy what goes on there. They basically use cryptoArt to break stuff or make you think. I also issued my own, and what I believe to be the first of it’s kind- Proof Of Work tokens to help facilitate my music- meme marketing for “Can’t Smoke A Bitcoin” and “I Wear Gucci.” This tokenizing experiment is certainly an interesting rabbit hole and I look to dive deeper this year!

Bitcoin Honey Badger (prints soon) CNTSMOKECORN (sold out in a day) & CORNTANGCLAN (some still available) I WEAR GUCCI (sold 1/1), CANT SMOKE A BITCOIN (sold 4/5), FACES (sold 1/1), CLOCKWORK GREEN (sold 1/1), MUH BAGS (unsold 1/1)

Proof Of Share (XCP Tokens)- CANTSMOKEBTC and IWEARGUCCI One-of-a-kind tokens that were both airdropped to wallet holders that provably helped promote the release through twitter. They are basically game-ified swag badges using Bitcoin. I really like digitally finger-painting on this unique social media artist site, although I have yet to tokenize any of the pieces on there. Cool website to monitor stats and artists using XCP

Instructional Videos from

Instructional/Education Videos

I am definitely looking to expand more in the video side of things in 2019. Subscribe to my Youtube and BitTube pages.

Art On The Blockchain Presents IPFS BATTLE ROYALE

Art On The Blockchain Presents BATTLE ROYALE 2: Ethereum vs. Counterparty

Blockchain: The Technology That’s Changing The Music Industry Pt. 1 Live at A3C

How To Buy A Rare Pepe Using Bitcoin

Clip from the “DJPEPE in 60 Seconds” video


Maybe the hardest thing to explain to my friends and family is that I am a manager of a Bitcoin frog meme. It all started in 2016- Watch the 60 second video I produced in 2017 here. It escalated quickly on January 13, 2018 as I somehow conjured up a 6 foot cardboard cutout to speak on a panel with industry professionals. Love him or hate him, here are some DJPEPE highlights from last year. #memetoo #UCIT

Tokenized cardboard cutout DJPEPE auctioned at RAREAF event

Paris Review calls DJPEPE the first blockchain performance artist

Rare Art Labs Interview

Releases CANT SMOKE A BITCOIN and I WEAR GUCCI weeks ahead of release to DJPEPE token holders.

DJPEPE becomes a blockchain farmer

Pressed 500 stickers

30 tokenized DAMN shirts released to the wild. So rare that if you wash it you will destroy it. In fact, you have to pass interview questions in order to even be considered to purchase one.

Featured in The RAREST BOOK

Announced Presidential Candidacy for 2020

Fan Art became a thing. (Keep it coming!)

Appearance 1/5 on the HODLCAST this past year.


Sasha Hodler - Episode 13, 21, 30, 5360

Bitsesh- Episode 3

Paris Review

The Tatiana Show- Interview With AOTB: & Interview w/ J $crilla:

Rare Art Labs Interview

Creative Crypto Magazine

Bitsonline- Artist DJ J $crilla Is Using Tokens to Promote a Music Video & Rare Art Festival Canceled Following Crypto Market Crash

“Funding Creative Projects with Non-Fungible Tokens”




Home page | DJ J Scrilla

I am not a website developer but I do my best to keep it active! Hundreds of songs I’ve produced, 100s of rap videos I’ve been a part of, obviously the crypto stuff, my art and my mixtapes all live on the site. I appreciate all the articles that link back to it- helps tremendously!


I will continue down the rabbit hole I entered in 2014. Bear markets are where the innovation happens and I’m all aboard this DLT. UCIT

P.S. There are no experts in this space.

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