BitCrypto Investors: Is Bit Crypto Investment Company Safe?

What Is BitCrypto Investors?

BitCrypto Investors is a unique investment company that offers investors access to high-growth investment opportunities in Bitcoin markets as well as other services. The platform claims to implement best practices of trading and mining of Bitcoin of Bitcoins through their operations, with flexible investment plans. The company benefits from an extensive network of global clients.

High Yield Investment Programs Are Risky

It is always advisable to verify whether an investment company is genuine before you can put your funds there. High yield investment programs can be risky, as many of them out there are scams. It is important to consult a financial advisor before you invest in such programs.

BitCrypto Investors claims to emphasize on understanding the requirements of their clients and provide suitable solutions to meet their investment criteria. Their aim, they say, is to utilize their expertise and knowledge, which will benefit their clients and users of their services. The company believes that when a team outperforms expectations, then excellence becomes a reality. The company’s head office is located in “56 Burnley Street, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia.”

BitCrypto Investors Investment Plans

The company offers investment plans as follows:

  • Starter: This plan yields weekly return for 4 times, with 25% each time. Minimum investment is $300 and maximum is $7500.
  • Silver: This investment package yields 50% weekly for 4 weeks, with 50% each time. The maximum investment here is $20,000.
  • Gold: This plan yields 85% for four weeks. The minimum investment here is $20,000 while the maximum is $100,000.

BitCrypto Investors Advantages

  • Strong security: the platform protects against DDoS attacks, with full data encryption.
  • World coverage: it provides services in 99% countries around the globe
  • Payment options: it embraces diverse payment options including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Skrill
  • Mobile friendly: The user dashboard is made to match all mobile resolutions
  • Cost efficiency: the platform charges reasonable trading fees for takers as well as market makers
  • High liquidity: It allows fast access to high-liquidity order book for top currency pairs

Disclaimer: BEG cannot verify the authenticity of this project and therefore consider it a scam. Our readers should stay away from it.

Publication date: 
02/03/2019 - 14:12

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