Blockchain Research Council: Is Crypto Codex’s Breakout Hunter Real To Earn Profits Daily?

Cryptocurrency Codex is an electronic program that promises to bring the customer $5000 a day in cryptocurrency earnings by following their software. Consumers are presently only able to access this content through the official website.

What Is Cryptocurrency Codex?

Cryptocurrency offers innovative solutions around the world, though one of its most frequent uses is that of investments. However, one of the issues plaguing consumers today is that so few of them know what cryptocurrency is or even how to use it. The Cryptocurrency Codex aims to make this process easier to comprehend.

The Cryptocurrency Codex website promotes that consumers are able to make up to $5000 a day by following the directions provided in their software. The writer discusses the potential luxuries that the participant could accrue by taking a part in the program. When the purchase is made, the user is able to take part in the Breakout Hunter program as well.

Describing the software, the website states,

“Breakout Hunter uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms based on coin trading volume and price action balanced with chart patterns and volatility oscillators then systematically verifies and confirms the signals in real time after running a historical regression analysis.”

The program promises to do all of the work for the user to earn the funds that they want to gain, and they can only access the software with one of the 50 remaining licenses. To earn the trust of the consumer, economist Pat Kendrick claims to be a lead researcher and head of a division of the Cryptocurrency Institute and Blockchain Research Council. However, a quick search for this company will reveal that the only mention of the Council is only found in conjunction with Kendrick’s name.

Purchasing Cryptocurrency Codex

Right now, to access the content available through the Cryptocurrency Codex, consumers will need to pay a one-time fee of $37.00. The website is clear that this product is usually valued at $197, but the discount rate applies for a limited time.

Rather than receiving a physical copy of the materials, users will have electronic access. In the event that the user ends up using the 60-day money-back guarantee, their access will be revoked.

Contacting The Creators Of Cryptocurrency Codex

If the user has any questions or concerns about the Cryptocurrency Codex program, they can go to the Support Center on the official website to submit a ticket with the inquiry. Consumers that become members beforehand may have other ways to reach out to the creators of the program.

Cryptocurrency Codex Conclusion

Cryptocurrency Codex makes many big promises, telling consumers that they just have to rely on the software that they will be able to download. However, even when attempting to explain exactly what the software does and how it automatically makes money for the user, the explanation is overly complicated in a way that the average consumer would not understand it.

However, that seems to be the intention, as the creator believes,

“thankfully you don’t need to know how it works from a mechanical standpoint to use it. Just like you don’t need to know how the internal combustion mechanics of your car engine works, you can still drive it without a problem.”

Publication date: 
02/12/2019 - 13:12

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