BidRace: Safe Network Marketing Cryptocurrency Investing Scheme

What Is BidRace?

With scanty information on their main page, BidRace is simply a project to fleece unsuspecting public of their hard-earned money. The website provides no information about the owner or manager of the business. On the website, what you can see is only an affiliate login platform.

BidRace Compensation Plan

The platform runs two main categories of compensation plans: BID point investment and affiliate fees. According to BidRace marketing materials, the affiliate fees are as follows:

  • Bid Start—this package yields 10 Euros a month or 120 Euros a year
  • Bid Go—this package yields 50 Euros a month or 600 Euros a year
  • Bid Pro—holders of this package earn 150 Euros a month or 1800 Euros a year

Even so, some points are not clear. For instance, a Bid Start affiliate will have to buy a minimum of 11 Euros worth of BID points every month. If that is so, then both Bid Go and Bid Pro affiliates will generate more minimum BID points, but there is no clarification on this. What is worrying is the secondary set of Euro amounts, according to their compensation plan material. Initially, they seem to be ROI amounts but on a closer look, you realize that 30 Euros for the Bid Start is quite close to the overall minimum of 28.5 Euros for an active client.

BidRace Conclusion

Several things do not add up, leaving more questions than answers about this platform. It simply poses as a quick cash grab from unsuspecting public. On the front end, it works like the usual pyramid scheme while at the back end it’s simply investment hogwash, spread in three layers.

If you choose to invest in an online investment program, it is advisable to gather enough information about it before you put in your money. Many projects out there are simply Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, and questionable high-yield investment programs.

Publication date: 
02/12/2019 - 14:08