Australian IBM Data Center Becomes Center of New Blockchain MainNet

The entire platform of IBM is made on Hyperledger Fabric, which is the product of a project that helps with cross-industry blockchain technology use. Hyperledger is hosted by the Linux Foundation. Recently, an article was published to ZDNet that described a new launch from IBM to host their mainnet in a Melbourne-based data center.

By launching the mainnet here, customers will have the ability to run applications on the cloud-based platform. The new data center is planned to launch in March, joining the other centers that are currently in place, including Tokyo, Dallas, London, Sao Paulo, and Toronto. Rupert Colchester, who is the head of blockchain for the Australia location, said that this second center makes it easier to provides the technology for a larger audience.

The new physical infrastructure will also help to maintain security in customer data because it wouldn’t have to cross borders during transactions. Colchester added,

“Customers who are deploying blockchain applications have reached a maturity of projects that require the data to be stored in Australia.”

Continuing, Colchester discussed how this technology has been applied in many different industries already. He said,

“I do very few education sessions nowadays, but there is a lot of discussion whereby clients are trying to understand how best they can apply it to the business problems they have.”

Vicinity, a real estate firm in Australia, announced their goal of trialing a blockchain solution in September, supporting the energy network. The project is based on a partnership that Vicinity established with Power Ledger, a tech company. The trial ended up evolving into the $75 million solar energy program in a mall called Castle Plaza in Adelaide, South Australia.

IBM has been working to expand how blockchain technology is applied to use cases, including a recent shipment of 108,000 mandarin oranges that traveled from China to Singapore. The goal was to reduce the paperwork involved while reducing the costs of the shipment.

IBM announced a new project only three days ago, which will include the use of both blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) as a way to help with the drought that impacted California in the United States. IoT was used as a way to manage groundwater use, while non-profit organization Freshwater Trust applied blockchain for tracking purposes.

Publication date: 
02/12/2019 - 16:53