DigiByte Global Summit Approaches with New Blockchain Features: Digi-ID, DigiAssets and Pay API

The cryptocurrency world is filled with fakes and scams that have made a number of investors rather skeptical in investing in the field. However, there remains a few who are keen to build revolutionary technology using blockchains and push for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. One such project is the decentralized internet platform, Digibyte.

The Digibyte blockchain is a decentralized and cryptographically secure blockchain that allows users to send digital assets of value such as information, money, tangible and intangible properties. The development team at Digibyte hope to build a decentralized internet to offer real-life use cases to the project. The blockchain processes over 40 million transactions a day beating Bitcoin’s transaction speeds by over 40 times.

Digibyte, ticker symbol DGB, is currently ranked 46th on the Coinmarketcap rankings trading at $0.008710 USD and with a total market cap of $99,518,567 USD.

The Digi-ID And DigiAssets Features On DigiByte

The Digibyte team has announced the Digi-ID and DigiAssets as the latest features on their blockchain. The Digi-ID comes fully integrated to the mobile wallets, available at Play Store and iOS App store. The Digi-ID is specifically made to make digital identity more secure to protect the digital assets. The ID prevents the intervention of third party websites to your wallet by generating a unique identification key on every new website the user logs in to.

The Digi-ID further supports mobile banking, streaming services, and social media on their mobile app. Digi-ID works before unlocking, making logins much faster.

The users are expectant of more features to be released in April 2019 when Digibyte holds its first-ever summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Jared Tate, Founder Of Digibyte To Launch A Blockchain Book

As the team continues to work on the project, the CEO and founder of Digibyte, Jared Tate is on course to release his first ever blockchain based book. The book titled, “Blockchain 2035: The Digital DNA of Internet 3.0”, explains the various ways decentralized technologies and blockchain are revolutionizing the world.

The book further focuses on blockchain as a future of the internet. Jared writes on how the blockchains integration to the internet should be carried out and the architecture of decentralization. Blockchain serves as a new internet development that will fulfill the original plan of making the internet decentralized. This will be achieved through the development and integration of the current smart devices, IoT and big data.

Speaking on the launch of his book Jared further praised the introduction of blockchain technology saying,

“In the future, everything in our daily lives will be connected via the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Blockchain technology can protect your data and your privacy from this.”

The Digibyte Global Summit titled, “Power of Decentralization” will be held in De Balie Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR Amsterdam, the Netherlands on April 19th, 2019.

Publication date: 
02/12/2019 - 18:21