Hack Your GitHub Contribution Graph ░▒▓█

Hello fellow hackers, today I’d like to share with you a tool I recently developed as a NodeJS module in Javascript, GitHub Spray.

This CLI enables you to draw on your GitHub profile page’s calendar.

The size of the heatmap is 53 by 7, but you can surely draw on more columns, in the past, through the future, thus creating your own frieze.

Writing text has never been easier, -t <text> and that’s it!

github-spray -t HACKERNOON --font led7 --invert

But that’s not all, you can go crazy and design your own pattern if you want! By creating an array of 7 strings in a JSON format, characters representing pixels, space for grey, 1 for pale green up to 4 for dark green.

github-spray -f pattern-octocat+heart+smiley.json

Ain’t nobody got time for that

This is somewhat not the most pleasant way of doing pixel art, so for your comfort, I provide this PWA to give you the ability to graphically draw patterns. Click to add contribution, right click to remove. When done, you can download the JSON file and then use it with the CLI.

The CLI has severals options that you can mess with, to invert, flip, change font, adjust colors, specify a start date, set and push to an origin repo.

The name “spray” comes from Counter Strike, where you can apply your own graffiti on a wall. Some pro players were placing sprays at the right place to drag enemies attention and backshoot them.

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction as much as I enjoyed developing this tool! Happy spraying :)

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Publication date: 
02/18/2019 - 22:41

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