New Samsung Galaxy S10 Keystore Crypto Wallet Will Work with Bitcoin (BTC), (ETH), CosmoCoin (COSM)

Samsung’s nex smartphone, Galaxy S10, will support cryptocurrencies. As well as the popular Bitcoin and Ethereum options, one surprise, though, is that you will be able to store CosmoCoin (COSM) on the phone.

According to reports from the Associated Press, CosmoCoin is the first partner of this new initiative and it will be one of the first companies to have decentralized apps on the phone’s native crypto wallet.

CosmoChain, The First Dapp Partner

CosmoChain is a new decentralized and blockchain-based app that is mostly focused on the beauty industry. The goal of the app is to encourage the creation of content that can help people to take care of their skin and it offers rewards for the content creators.

The system will also allow the customers to review many different beauty products as well.

The CEO of CosmoChain, Howon Song, has affirmed that this is a very important moment for the project, as the partnership with Samsung will enable the company to be a leading project in the blockchain industry and COSM tokens will be put side by side with Bitcoin and Ethereum, which will give a boost to the fame of the project.

According to the reports, the cryptocurrency will also be used in the products of COSMEE, the company that created the COSM tokens.

COSMEE is a blockchain-based platform that already has 300,000 downloads for its app and 70,000 user reviews since its pilot was launched back in August last year. The full version of the dapp is yet to be launched. It will operate on top of the Know platform.

About Galaxy Keystore

Galaxy Keystore will be the name of the built-in wallet that the new smartphone will use. The wallet was leaked on January 27, together with photos from the phone.

At the moment of this report, several videos about the product were already on the internet, so the launch will be everything but a secret.

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02/19/2019 - 22:41