8 Top Programming Languages & Frameworks of 2019

Here is the list of 8 best programming languages and frameworks that you should look for in the year 2019 based in various and stats & facts.

In the contemporary world of constant advancements in technology, computers have reached everywhere. Writing programs for computers is one of the most crucial work profiles in the current IT market.

Have you ever wondered what is an even more hectic task than this? It’s selecting an appropriate programmer to develop software for your company. For a non-technical person, it’s not easy to choose the best programmer out of the ocean of developers.

Here is an image which shows the characteristics on the basis of which you should hire a software development company.

After selecting the best software developer, the next step is to choose the language which you want to use. It is again a strenuous task for every enterprise who want to outsource this service because software can bring great business gains for you.

Plenty of companies outsource web developers and this is evident by the findings represented in the image below:

A number of companies rely on web development companies for delivering the service of software development.

Every company has its own way of delivering their services. Therefore, as an aware client, you need to know which is the most suitable language as per your needs. Let’s take a glimpse at the most popular languages among developers.

Here are the findings of GitHub report. It shows how many developers are using a particular developing language.

It clearly shows that JAVA is the most preferred language. Although it is not a proof that Java is the best language to choose. Every language has its own pros and cons. Therefore, enterprises should focus on their individual needs.

There are many other factors other than popularity which decides the most suitable programming language for your software. In this post, we are discussing the top programming languages of 2019 in detail.

By reading the following descriptions, you can get a greater idea about languages in trend this year. Here is a list of top programming languages of 2019:1. Javascript:

Javascript is no doubt the most trending language these days. It plays a chief role in front-end development. It can be used to develop interactive web pages very conveniently. Most of the full-stack software developers in the contemporary market prefer to use it.

Stack Overflow, a popular website which is mainly used by developers surveyed 100,000 developers in 2018 to find the most preferred language. Javascript topped the list, followed by HTML, CSS, SQL, and others.

Here is the representation of their survey in the following chart:

This year too, it has been expected that Javascript will top the list again. The reason behind this popularity is probably its compatibility with all browsers. Moreover, it is also used in server-side through node.js.

2. Python:

Python has grown more than any other language in recent years. The major reason behind its growing popularity python is the rise of Artificial intelligence as well as the elimination of semicolon as an indication of the end of the statement. Python is one of the preferred languages for creating AI or machine learning based web & mobile apps. In many ways, it is similar and different from other programming languages.

The picture above shows the traffic of different Python packages. Pandas which was introduced in 2011 is the fastest growing python package. It is a multi-purpose language which can be used by software product development companies for data science as well as web designing.

It would not be wrong to say that the growth of data science has enhanced the development of python as a programming language. Moreover, Python is also replacing Javascript as a teaching language in institutes.

3. Java:

This language has survived at the peak in the programming industry from the past 20 years. It is widely used for building enterprise scale web application. Android mobile app developers also rely on this language for programming.

It is considered as one of the most stable languages. This is why it is the most preferred language by large enterprises. Another important factor which has kept its magic intact among web development companies is its independence from platforms.

It is known for high cross-platform compatibility. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) allows it to run on various devices and platforms. Most of the fortune 500 companies use Java to develop back-end applications.

4. PHP:

It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a popular scripting language found in 1995. Newer languages could not make any difference to the popularity of PHP frameworks. This is mainly because it kept on evolving throughout these years.

Most of the frameworks are free of cost and provide strong security features. It is the best server-side programming language according to a survey by w3techs.com.

It has over-the-top benefits like libraries and modules which assure dynamic software development. This is why most of the websites and content management systems are written in the PHP programming language. There are many PHP development companies, which use this language for creating enterprise grade web applications with varied complexity.

5. SQL:

Out of 19 million developers in the world, 7 million are using SQL according to the Evans Data Corporation. You can get an idea about the immense popularity of this language from these statistics.

The chief reason behind this is its amazing feature of managing data structures and information stored in databases. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and allows faster retrieving of a large number of database records.

The secured functioning of this programming language assists in maintaining the integrity of databases. If you require proficient data management then choose a SQL developer for optimum outcomes.

6. Ruby:

This language was developed in Japan in the mid-1990s. Ruby is a dynamic language which was constructed with an aim to simplify the programming task and making it more fun. When you look at the data of RedMonk you will get an idea about the popularity of Ruby.

Ruby is at 8th position and at the top among other programming languages. The major reason behind this is the Ruby of rails framework which is a full-stack web development framework.

7. C/C++:

When this programming language comes into the light, every custom software developer can agree to the fact that old is gold. It was introduced in the 1970s and still manages to be in the top software writing languages.

It would not be wrong to state that C is the parent language of many modern languages. Including the popular Java is derived from its syntax. C++ is a more dynamic language because its code is type-checked before it gets actually executed.

A major difference between these languages is that C does not supports encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance but C++ does support all of these. Basically, we can conclude that C is a subset of C++.

8. Swift:

Do you know how many iOS apps are there? Here is a table constructed from the findings of Lifewire:

You can see that there is heavy competition in this arena as there is a large number of applications in the apple store. If you want to outshine among them then undoubtedly you must choose the programming language ~ Swift.

It is developed by Apple Inc and introduced in the market in 2014. This language is the best choice for the development of native iOS or MAC OS app. Apart from this, it is a beginners’ friendly language.

Influenced by Python and ruby, it is faster and more secure than both of them. The biggest advantage for swift (majorly used by iOS app developers) is its similarity with the English language due to less code requirement.


We have seen in this post that every language has its own pros and cons. As a business enterprise, you can find a proficient web or mobile app developers as per your requirements anytime. The crucial step that you need to take is the finalizing of a language.

The language should be best suited for your requirements and budgets. Therefore, plan your software development according to the advantages and disadvantages of every language. Make sure to complete this first step efficiently to gain maximum profits.

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