Five Tech Podcast Episodes Worth Listening To

The Technology and Humanity Interface with Cris Beasley of Hack Reality PodcastListen to the interview on iTunes, or Google Podcast, or watch on YouTube.
“I thought a lot over the last few years of how we can be responsible technology-makers and make things that make us more even… And I believe that we absolutely can transcend where we are in our current humanity. As long as we are building things that have this intent… Then the question becomes how can you tell whether you are building something that is helping or hurting.” — Cris Beasley

Big Data and Machine Learning with Nick Caldwell from LookerListen to the interview on iTunes, or Google Podcast, or watch on YouTube.

“My degree was focused in Machine Learning, and I think nowadays when people ask me about that sort of formal education, I tell them, ‘You probably don’t need it.’ You can get really, really far in Machine Learning and just focus on the practical applications of it, without having to understand the underlying Mathematics of it. I think that’s a really powerful thing, that abstraction.” — Nick Caldwell

Marc Weinstein on What Happened at the Fyre Festival

What Bitcoin Did is a podcast hosted by Peter McCormick

“Hulu asked me for an interview, after I had already done the interview with Chris Smith, the director of the Netflix documentary, which wasn’t associated with Netflix at the time. This was like September 17. I think it was just VICE when he was recording. I had heard rumors that they had Billy on as an interview guest and I decided that if they had paid Billy, that I wouldn’t want to work with them. So I spoke to them and I asked, I was like, “did you pay Billy for the interview? They were like, “no, we didn’t pay him for the interview”. “Well did you pay Billy at all?” “Yes”. So it turns out Hulu bought his life rights, which I believe it means they own anything that he says in relation to this or not in relation to this, or rights throughout the rest of his life.”

Jack Mallers on Lightning Design and UX

What Bitcoin Did is a podcast hosted by Peter McCormick

“I first learned about Bitcoin from my father in early 2013, which was right after I graduated high school. So that’s backwards! I’m supposed to tell my dad about Bitcoin after I’d bought a bunch of drugs with his cash, turned to Bitcoin, turned to weed, but it was backwards.”

Systemizers and Empathizers

Horowitz describes the ideal executive as someone who can engage in systems thinking and also see things from the perspective of other people. Horowitz talks of intuitively seeing the perspective of employees, but I think it also is important to intuitively see the perspective of customers and partners.

This made me think of Simon Baron-Cohen’s distinction between systemizers and empathizers. I interpret Horowitz as saying that a top executive needs to be really strong at both systemizing and empathizing. Given what Baron-Cohen sees as a trade-off between the two, one can see how it might be the rare person who is strong at both.

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