How Dencoin Will Facilitate Easy Interaction Between Users and Customers?

How Dencoin Will Facilitate Easy Interaction Between Users and Customers?

The positionality of cryptocurrency pertains to its rapidity and spontaneity. The cumulative market capitalization of the crypto franchises has proportionally increased since the early 2014, reaching to an extent as high as $150 billion in 2017.

Brief Overview

Since the introduction of Ethereum, there have been gradual developments over the years which made people realize the potential of it being more than just a digital asset. The invention of the blockchain has specifically assisted franchises like Bitcoin and Ethereum since they are using it as their underlying technology. Blockchain has proven to be more valuable than the crypto franchises since the technology can be applied for the development of diverse applications in the market.

DENcoin, the first of its kind

DENcoin which is based on ERC-20 algorithm would be the first of its kind, primarily for its global design suited to be a stable form of payment method accepted that debuted on the DEN (Diamond Empire Network) and also on the global marketplace. Their incentive is to tap into the advantages of their decentralized system which will be autonomous and transparent.

Their soon-to-be-released project DENmart will essentially allow anyone to create an online store which will be utilizing the most advanced technologies available in the field of e-commerce. It would also be employed with payment methods including FIAT, DENcoin and other stable crypto franchises. It would essentially bring a harmonious opportunity for self-made entrepreneurs, small scale businesses and start-ups. Additionally, their service will also cater to their customer base with a 24-hour customer assistance cell.

Easy interaction between users and customers

DEN coin has been pushing innovations and decentralizing the e-commerce structure while foreseeing complete implementation in global as well as the African market. This will also facilitate mass adoption which will serve as a payment form for both services and goods that are offered on the DEN platform.

Following are the advantages that the customers can benefit from DENcoin:

  • Paying for goods and services on DENmart at a discounted price along with offers
  • Exchanging it for FIAT currency
  • Can be sold to both sellers and buyers through DENmart or DEN platform
  • E-pins can be bought at a cheaper rate which can be used for recharge and payment for utility bills.
  • Can be used to pay for globally known brands or subscriptions.
  • Can be traded through exchanges for other crypto franchises or can be sold off to their DEN INT’L Company for its cash value.

Buyer-Seller Transparency

DEN’s robotic escrow technology will make immediate contact with the seller of a product registered in the system for verification of their products. The blockchain technology implemented here will be cutting off the middle men by verifying both ends of that of seller and buyer. The transaction will be possible through the user-friendly DENmart UI which is faster and more reliable than any known system in this sector. Transactions won’t incur additional transaction fee as well.

Even though the market is volatile, DENcoin does bring innovation in a platter which challenges conventional structures that govern e-commerce in its entirety.

Publication date: 
05/14/2019 - 09:15