Things to know about the newest (VoBP) blockchain protocol that is based on the voice-over technology

Things to know about the newest (VoBP) blockchain protocol that is based on the voice-over technology

Recently Karatbars launched their newest phone - IMpulse K1 Phone, that is all about security and privacy. While the phone itself is fancy and packed with latest tech, it is much more interesting to pay attention to their Voice-over Blockchain Protocol (VoBP) which is basically the main drive-force of the IMpulse K1 Phone.

Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VoBP) allows users to communicate fully encrypted and secure. All data, like documents, invoices, text and voice messages etc. are sent peer-to-peer and end-to-end enciphered, thereby minimizing third-party intervention. With IPFS platform data are getting saved and encrypted through decentralized storage based on the blockchain technology. As a result, there’s no need to get nervous about other people checking what you are doing with your personal phone.

Face it, the explanation sounds promising and exciting, but in reality everything is even more simple. VoBP technology will simply grant privacy and security to what you do on your phone and with your phone. And believe it or not, privacy - is the most valuable thing in year 2019.

The idea of blockchain-focused handset already knows several implementations, often much-touted: Samsung Galaxy S10, Exodus 1 by HTC, Finney by Sirin Labs. Cursory browsing, though, shows that few of these succeed at massive sales. Moreover, the teams admit that they previously overestimated their products’ success, and now some of them are reportedly taking to reduce staff.

Thus, Karatbars is the first company that really managed to make and produce a real blockchain fueled phone - IMpulse K1 Phone. To read more information check K1 Phone website.

Impulse K1: Privacy is the new order
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06/14/2019 - 11:15

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