We invested in Journey Meditation — now take a deep breath

We invested in Journey Meditation — now take a deep breath

What are you grateful for?

I haven’t really meditated much over the last few years. Maybe a few moments here and there closing my eyes at work, on the subway or in an elevator and just zoning out. It was always this thing that was hard for me to do by myself — sit still for 5–10 minutes, don’t think about anything and control your breathing…

I then joined a holistic office space in NYC, The Assemblage, that offered in-person guided meditation daily, which I did a few times a week. It was nice to go into a special room designed for meditation but then you had to sit on an uncomfortable mat with people you don’t know. I’m definitely an extroverted introvert but it just wasn’t for me.

I met Stephen, founder/CEO of Journey years ago and during the first meditation session I took with him, he was sitting in a chair. He said it was perfectly fine, just finding a position that you feel most comfortable in is all that matters. While I wasn’t able to directly apply that right away as I described above, I can now that I can mediate from anywhere I want, when I want, so it finally came full circle.

‎Journey LIVE Group Meditation

With Journey I now meditate multiple times a week generally at work in my chair or at home on my couch. With their scheduled meditation sessions, I don’t have to travel anywhere — I just put on my noise cancellation headphones, tune into the live streaming teacher and practice for usually 8–12 minutes. My favorite times are 10am (shoutout to Andrew, my OG teacher and smiling face above) after I’ve kind of settled into work, 10pm (Hector) as I’m starting to prep for bed and Amanda if I need a breather in between.

  • The brain is a muscle too — it’s amazing how hard it is to just think of nothing for an extended period of time. We spend so much time being bombarded by our surroundings, people and our screens that just turning it off for a while can be so beneficial.
  • Breathing is subconscious — when was the last time you consciously focused on your breathing? I’ve really enjoyed the breathwork exercises, taking deep and full breaths.
  • Find your teacher — with over 10 founding teachers, you can find the one with the practice that resonates with you.
  • Virtually interactive — if you have any questions, you can message/text in at any time during or after the practice and get immediate responses.
  • Integrated Apple Health — like walking, working out and other physical activities, Apple now has “mindful minutes” so you can track your meditations.

Maintaining your mental health is very important, so you need to make sure you take time for yourself. Check out their site and links below to learn more

Meditation is Better Together - Journey Meditation

You can also check out some of their press as well


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