Arena Bot Made Its Debut Appearance In Bali Block Confex 2019


Bali Block Confex 2019 was an international scale Blockchain Conference that invited various Blockchain stakeholders, regulators, players and enthusiasts alike from all over the world, held in Kuta, Bali at Stones Hotel, Marriott.

The 2-day Blockchain Conference and intimate gathering featured some of the most well known and highly influential figures from the Blockchain industry, such as Blockchain Zoo, Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (ABI), and large scale Crypto exchanges and projects, among them LATOKEN exchange and exchange.

Bali Block Confex touched on some of the essential key points of the industry not only in the region but globally, notably regulatory issues and what’s needed to propel this industry forward into the future.


Among the topics discussed intensely in the conference:

Ideal ways for startups to fundraise.

How stakeholders and regulators should collaborate to grow the industry.

Tokenization of assets.

And many more.

In the Conference, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Trading Bot Arenabot made its international debut appearance.

Seen in the event are some of its members from Vietnam and other countries around the world. Arenabot Technical Advisor Echo Santos gave an impressive keynote presentation about Arenabot backend system and live simulation and demonstration of the AI-based trading bot to everyone attending the event.

Following the conclusion of the conference, Arenabot also sponsored the after-pool party held in J4 Hotels, Kuta, for everyone attending Bali Block Confex 2019. It was indeed two days full of good vibes, Blockchain, and pleasant Bali atmosphere.

Following Bali Block Confex 2019, Arenabot will conduct roadshow around Southeast Asia, among them Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Arena Trading Bots are the systems integrated with AI technology that will collect exchange data (transaction volume, matching a price, buying price, selling price, etc.), account balance data, transaction history; and send to the system to identify the low buying / high selling price.

“Artificial intelligence is to trading what fire was to the cavemen; A GAME CHANGER. Having AI-based technology to help you with trading is like having 1,000 human traders focused on looking for a single entry position.”

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10/08/2019 - 17:27

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