Earn Cryptocurrency for Staying Fit & Tracking Your Performance

There are a lot of people out there who do not need any kind of motivation to work out and stay fit, however such people are part of an alien race and can't fathom the pure pleasure of laziness. On the other hand, there is an abundance of people who need a little push to get to the gym. Luckily, this push has just gotten a lot sweeter. Many companies today are incentivizing their customers via crypto to work out and stay fit and healthy. With recent surges in the usage of crypto, the mystery attached with it is slowly fading and people are realising the value it offers. Following are the most popular project out there today that will help you earn as you burn calories –

1. Actifit

Actifit is one of the most popular apps in this space right now and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. With a minimum threshold of 5000 steps per day, this app offers you AFIT tokens and STEEM tokens once you submit a “proof of sweat”. Actifit also offers you the option to integrate your FitBit fitness band to the app, making it easier and more compelling to clock in the sweat hours. Another interesting aspect of the application is the far-reaching community that is not only supportive and also very encouraging. There is also a daily leader board to help gamify the entire process and compete with your friends and fellow users. The leader board is also displayed on their website at all times so you not only get inspired by but aspire to be on that board someday.

2. Lympo

Another very popular fitness tracking application with a wonderful user interface and experience. Lympo is linked with LYM tokens that can be traded as a cryptocurrency, which is listed on seven exchanges. These tokens are earned by completing new walking and running challenges (both indoor and outdoor) every day. The application can be also linked to your Apple Health app and FitBit for a seamless integration with your existing fitness tech. Lympo has also started offering customised health and fitness advice based on your data and interests. It is currently a crowdfunded platform and Ada; the CEO is working with a team of young professionals to create something truly special for the fitness community. They have also started their own e-commerce platform and have tied up with some mega partners such as Nike and Adidas.

3. SweatCoin

Sweatcoin's slogan is simply 'it pays to walk' and frankly it does! The app will start tracking you steps as soon as you download it and you will earn 0.95 coins for every 1000 steps taken. Though these coins cannot be traded like a traditional crypto, they do have over 300 brand partners that will accept them. With options such as Amazon gift cards, fitness products, donation etc., you will never run out of choices to redeem your well-deserved Sweatcoins. Sweatcoin is the #1 app across various countries on the app store and they are also claiming these coins will soon become a universally accepted form of payment. Sweatcoin also takes pride in the fact that the data being provided by the users is 100% secure and is not shared with any third party. However, they do need your location data to track steps and verify activity.

4. GYM Rewards

GYM Rewards - rewards you with the decentralised EOS tokens, which is not only a listed crypto but is also doing very well in its valuation. Uniquely, this app also offers you the option to boost your mining capabilities through nominal in-app purchases. This application has the rare feature of physical gadgets like the best massage gun that can help you create a better experience. You need to firstly connect the application to a heart-rate monitor which can help track your activity and workouts. Along with this, GYM Rewards will soon be competing with companies like FitBit by launching its own fitness band.

5. Vlique

Founders are really going out of their way to name these projects and 'Vlique' is no different. Founded by Katie Booth, this application lets you earn coins by booking classes and personal trainer session. These coins can be used to book further sessions or even on other rewards and benefits available on the application. The ideology behind the platform simple – you don't need to know too much about cypto to use it, just like you don't need to know much about the internet to use it either.


BEFIT is a very unique and interesting crypto fitness application. In this, after completing a workout, you must complete get your trainer or the gym receptionist to sign off on it via a password. After each confirmation, you will be rewarded with certain coins that can further be spent or redeemed. There is also a possibility to send or gift coins to fellow users and help them out with their workout sessions. They are also designed to be a B2B application where they want gyms, trainers and other fitness experts to be part of their platform. These relationships will of course earn you a certain amount of coins each month that you can either store or spend.

With such projects, the stigma associated with crypto is bound to fade majorly because they are getting masses involved. Though not too many people bought Bitcoin, maybe because of ignorance, now they wouldn't mind downloading an app that will mine crypto simply by using it. The best part is that users have nothing to lose – people who are already working out can use the apps as an additional support and people who aren't, now have a very strong motivation to sweat. Do keep in mind though, this can't really be a full-time job, these apps are designed to give you some pocket money at best. So, put on your gym shorts and start mining some crypto.

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10/10/2019 - 10:30

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