Swedish Crypto Firm BTCX Wants to Conduct an IPO

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There are many cryptocurrency trading platforms that most have never heard of. BTCX, a Swedish platform, is one of those companies that only now starts making headlines.

That is primarily because BTCX wants to get on the domestic stock exchange.

BTCX has Very Bold Ambitions

This news follows their recent funding round for $1.5 million.

If everything goes according to plan, an IPO will be filed in the coming months.

This will be done with the help of Eminova Partners.

Prior to that happening, a lot of crucial decisions will need to be made.

First of all, the company has to determine which stock exchange it wants to be listed on.

Secondly, they need to receive the appropriate approval before engaging in this activity.

It would not be the first Swedish crypto firm to conduct an IPO.

Quickbit, a company specializing in crypto payments for e-merchants, made its way to NGM in Stockholm.

The recent round of funding may prove crucial in being deemed “sufficiently liquid” for an IPO filing.

The money will be used to further strengthen the products and services provided by BTCX.

It is crucial for companies such as these to make cryptocurrencies more approachable.

That remains one of the biggest hurdles this industry struggles with, even after 11 years. 

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01/15/2020 - 08:00

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