Bitcoin Art: Famous Red Jester Painting Recreated to Reflect QE and Fiat Issues

Pascal Boyart, an artist from France who became popular in the cryptocurrency community through his paintings, has finished yet another mural.

This one depicts the famous Red Jester but with a twist to reflect the current problems that riddle the global economy.

“Contemplation of the Red Jester”

The Bitcoin community’s favorite artist, Pascal Boyart, took it to Twitter today to announce that he has finished yet another mural painting.

“Contemplation of the Red Jester”
July 2020
3,50 x 6m.
Rue de Montmorenci, Paris.

Retake from “Stańczyk” by Jan Matejko.

The Bitcoin QR code allows donations to support my future works with no intermediaries involved.”- reads the tweet.

bitcoin_jesterMural in Paris, France. Source: Pascal Boyart Twitter

The actual painting is Boyart’s take on Jan Matejko’s Stańczyk. This is one of the most popular works of Matejko, and it’s the one that won him his fame. Described as one of the most recognizable paintings currently sitting in Warsaw’s National Museum, it’s a flagship creation for the “Collection of Polish paintings prior to 1914.”

Boyart’s take, however, has a twist to it. While it depicts the court’s jester sitting seemingly sad in a dark room when Poland was at the height of its economic, political, and cultural power during the era of the Renaissance, there are contemporary EURO notes carelessly thrown on the floor.

Hidden in the hashtags of Boyart’s tweet are the words “debt” and “quantitative easing,” hinting at the diminishing value of fiat currencies.

Boyart’s Previous Bitcoin-Related Art

The artist’s work started grabbing the attention of Bitcoin’s community at the beginning of last year.

Back in January 2019, Boyart created another mural for the 10th birthday of Bitcoin’s genesis block. He also hid a puzzle in the fresco, and the person who managed to solve it won 0.26 BTC, worth about $1000 at the time.

One of the signature moves of Boyart is him spraypainting the QR code and his Bitcoin address. This way, whoever wants to donate some funds to the artist to support him, can do so freely with no intermediaries, highlighting yet another disruptive use case for the cryptocurrency.

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