Famous Actor William Shatner Sold 125,000 Blockchain-based NFTs

A collaboration between the famous actor William Shatner and the DLT project WAX has sold 125,000 blockchain-based non-fungible token cards containing digital photographs of the actor’s memorabilia in less than ten minutes.

William Shatner Sells Blockchain-based NFTs

Born in 1931, Shatners has been an active actor for nearly 70 years. The Canadian entertainer, who is also an author, producer, screenwriter, and director, is arguably most well-known for his iconic role as Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series. Lately, Shatner has been quite optimistic about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

To exemplify his affection for the distributed ledger technology, Shatner partnered with WAX. The blockchain company recently announced that they had placed in sale 10,000 packs filled with approximately 125,000 digital photographs containing personal memorabilia of the actor from his early days until the present.

All images are based on the WAX blockchain. The statement highlighted the interest from collectors, as all 10,000 packs were sold in “just nine minutes.”

“Sales and trades on secondary markets are booming as collectors are buying, selling, and trading photographs from the iconic actor’s personal life and career.” – reads the announcement.

Apart from selling and trading the non-fungible tokens, collectors can view full ownership records and trading history, showcase their inventory on social media, and search wishlists of other traders.

 PrnewswireBlockchain-based William Shatner Trading Card. Source: Prnewswire

“I love this release. It’s so unique not only from the perspective of William Shatner’s personal memorabilia being put on a blockchain, but the shard concept and the ability to craft cards is a simple, yet awesome mechanic that should really take NFTs to another level.” – commented WAX Director of Business Development Evan Vandenberg.

Shatner’s Blockchain Affection

The Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor has previously spoken highly about blockchain, including a social media message from a few years ago: “There is a saying that putting something online is forever. I disagree. Putting something on a blockchain is forever.”

Shatner even defended the technology humorously against Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently. Responding to a tweet from May 2019 in which the actor said that Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Musk were “trying to decide what to build on Ethereum,” the eccentric billionaire asserted that he is not actually using the blockchain network.

Shatner replied to Musk that “I still love you even though you haven’t found blockchain technology fascinating!”

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