Listing announcement: SUKU on Bittrex Global

Listing announcement: SUKU on Bittrex Global

Bittrex Global is dedicated to discovering, evaluating, and listing premier projects in the crypto space. Today’s announcement is an example of just that - we’re excited to introduce SUKU, the link between open finance, traceability, and transparency.

SUKU leverages decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols to enable transparency in supply chains and provide financial tools to disadvantaged suppliers, such as small farmers.

SUKU wallets are now open for deposits. SUKU will begin trading with a SUKU/BTC pair at 16:00 Pacific Standard Time on August 4th, 2020.

SUKU is already providing successful solutions for their large partners, including Fortune 500 companies. SUKU’s network allows brands to trace, verify, and authenticate each step in a product’s journey. As a result of this information collection, brands have visibility into their supply chain and are able to share a verified history of their products. This allows them to better access and connect with the market of conscious consumers.

When this information is captured along the supply chain, the contributors of information (e.g., the farmers) are rewarded with SUKU Tokens. These tokens can be utilized as collateral for access to open finance, assisting in-need individuals with micro loans.

SUKU is positioned to provide a unique opportunity to enable existing supply chains with DeFi.

Want to know more about SUKU? SUKU and Bittrex Global are hosting an AMA on the Bittrex Global Telegram channel on August 5th, 2020 at 16:00 Pacific Standard Time.

Submit your questions on Telegram with the hashtag #AskSUKU to participate.

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08/04/2020 - 12:30

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